who know where I can get reissue 226 metallic black?

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  1. I returned it yesterday and wanted to buy back so i can get $1000 gift card. And this morning it's gone!! How stupid I was... does anyone has SA who can help me to locate 226 reissue metallic black?:crybaby:
  2. Hi, sorry about that. Are you in the East or West? My S A is at Neiman's, SF. Her name is Lisa. I actually have one that i want to dispose off but it is a jumbo. Why don't you have the lady you dealt with source another one out for you? Or call Chanel & Neiman's. They will do their best & find you one.
  3. I read some lady said BG and Bloomingdales at NY had plenty of them last week. Good luck!
  4. James @ Bloomies has one 226 metallic blk w/ blk HW left
    jamesonchanel@aim.com tell him lisa sent you

    good luck! its a beauty
  5. Which metallic black are you looking for?