Who knew? Not I...

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  1. That Ugg made handbags! The wristlets are around 99 and the full-size around 300.

    I've never seen anyone wearing them or talking about them....

  2. Yup, I knew that Ugg made handbags, I never really found them attractive, though.....
  3. Yup, i just realized they did a few weeks ago. None really appealed to me.
  4. I know about them because they're always piled HIGH on the clearance tables at NM, Nordstorm and even Nordstrom Rack.
  5. Wow.
  6. Yea, I knew they made them, however, I felt the same way about them as I felt about the footwear :throwup: Atleast with the footwear, they are functional and can be good for the winter.
  7. I'm a recent convert to UGGs but I would not carry their bags...
  8. I think the bag looks Okay, but I don't like the studs, too many of them! And I had no idea Ugg made bags!!
  9. That;s because they're ugly. well, after a while this bag grows on you to become an okay bag. If it were made with real suede and fur, you would have to pay a certain minimum price. but this bag is too ugly to pay 300.

    I think I have seem something similiar at coach. I believe it had white rabbit fur and maybe some rhinestone accents to accent the white bag. although there is a similiarity, the coach seemed more attractive.

    maybe it is the color, the size, cut. I just don't like it. You would be better off buying a Gloria Vanderbilt for maybe 40-50 (taxes, s&h included.) it's fake, inexpensive, and yet looks better.

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  10. Thanks for the advice, but I wasn't considering buying one. The bags are just a little um...too, um...furry for me...:P
  11. They were somewhat big here in the Pacific NW last year - I think there were seen on celebrities at sundance. But really expensive for a bag that is going to look all matted after a couple of uses.
    If I'm going to spend $$ on a bag I want it to last a little while, and look good doing it.
  12. I've seen them at Nordies. I prefer the look on the shoes than bags.