Who knew???!!! (kind of funny)

  1. So tis the season... TO SHOP! I have been a shopping maniac for the last week buying gifts for friends and family. LOVE this time of year. Anyway, so I have been carrying my Tivoli nonstop for a week now. Every damn shop I went into the alarms would go off. I kid you not I was stopped at every store I went to. If I had a shopping bag they would go through it, if not they would take a peak in my bag. Today my husband and I were shopping and before I walked in a shop I said ok...wait...watch this...before we walked in I waved my bag in between the security machine thingy and sure enough...BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. Its making me crazy!! He said honey did LV put a security tag in the bag? Im siad no, I have been buying bags from them for years and I have NEVER had one. (honestly) so away we went...(after being questioned...) ok..so we shop, leave and again...BUZZZ we get in the car and I open my bag and start digging around in the pocketc etc....SURE AS HELL! There is the LV security tag!! LOL Who knew? Im just glad I found it so I can shop in peace!:lol::lol:
  2. Hahaha..i'm glad you got the mystery solved
  3. I have had this happen to me too .. I still have the tag here inside the box:yes:
  4. Really???? LV uses security tags??? Good to know!

    Funny story though. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Lol this happened to my mom a few times after she got her Houston a few years ago! Every store she'd go into, the alarms would sound...well one day she got stopped in Home Depot and the guy was like, "do you mind if I take a look through your purse?" "Do you have a dvd player or some other kind of electronic device in here?" and obviously, he didn't find anything. Well my mom told me what happened later that day and I looked through the bag; in the zipper pocket, there was an alarm tag! It was just one of those tags like they put in dvds. Once we figured out what it was, it was hilarious. :lol:
  6. Too funny! I've heard of people having that problem with the security tags hidden in a slot of a new wallet...
  7. That's funny ... well, not really but at least you found whatever was causing it before a security guard tackled you or something ... LOL!
  8. To quote Australia's own "Effie" -

    "How embarrassment!" :blush:
  9. Oh gosh.....that would have driven me totally nuts!!!!!
  10. I had that happen with a coach bag once. It sent the alarm off in every store we entered and exited, except coach! I searched through the whole bag and could not find a security tag, but one day in desperation a security guard at Walmart ran it over his scan and it never did it again! It is funny now, but it was frustrating.

    I also ordered a spy bag once from Holt's in Vancouver, they sent it to the Toronto store. I picked it up, inspected it and took it home. When I got home I realized it had one of those tags that you can't cut off or it sprays dye. I went back to Holt's and it set off the alarm, as I was entering the store. The SA seized the bag and wanted proof that it was mine. I had the receipt with me and explained that I was there to get the tag removed. She called her manager and they ended up apologizing, but it was quite a hassle.
  11. Glad you found it, that would be annoying.
    LV left the security tag in my agenda and I set off the door alarm when I left and the SA was chasing after me.:shame:
  12. my mom has this problem with her damier parioli.... it happens every now and than but no sign of a security tag anywhere =( we think it could be the magnetic pieces in the bag..
  13. lol I found one in my speedy too. They deactivated before I left thank goodness because we walked in and out of store for the rest of the day that would have driven me crazy. Glad you found it :p
  14. Thats funny...I went to LV last week to pick up a wallet I had heat stamped and as soon as I walked in the store the alarm went off...I was like OH S***!! My bag, wallet, agenda, makeup case and keys were all LV. I looked at the security and started laughing wondering if he was going to go through the contents of my entire bag. He peeked in my bag and just smiled at me. It could have been any one of those things I guess. He wasn't going to bother, he'd be there for a half an hour. The alarm went off when I left as well...lol
  15. LOL... The same thing has happened to me before