Who knew buying a YSL bag could be so frustrating?

  1. Hi all,

    I am so frustrated right now, tell me if I am being unreasonable?

    I live in MA, but I managed to find the YSL double bag on sale at the San Francisco YSL store. The sales person I worked with was Michael.

    I asked if I could pay for the bag over the phone with my dad's card, since he said he'd buy me a bag. But Michael said it'd have to be my dad who calls him. So I had to bother my dad to call him and give him all the info. He later called my dad back saying that the information didn't match. My dad was confused as to why, and thought that maybe because we had just recently changed the address on the credit card account. So he calls back and gives Michael the new address to see if he can check this info.

    The next time he spoke with my dad was to tell him that it didn't go through (this is so strange because my dad specifically called amex to make sure that the new info was correct!) I later learned that because my dad had given him a number that was answered by some other guy, he thinks that my dad is a fraud. I don't eve know what happened, but Michael probably wrote down the # incorrectly to begin with.

    Later, we get a message from Michael saying that he can't do a charge over the phone anymore, and needs to have the person picking it up pay for it. I personally called back and tried to use my own card. Apparently, he didnt even re-check the new address my dad had given him earlier because he thinks my dad is a fraud!

    I give him all my information, and he calls back later saying that it didn't verify! At this point I am really frustrated because I had called Amex before giving him my info to verify it, so it should be correct. I called Amex too and they said that no one has done any verifications on the card. So I am doing like my 100 times phone tag with Michael and he claims that he did verify and things didnt match.

    I call Amex yet again and finally it turns out that because I am the additional card holder, even though I have my own mailing address, when I order things like this, I need to provide the billing address (which is the new updated different address). And because Michael has been giving me such attitude, I asked the Amex rep to be conferenced into a call with Michael to explain the situation so he doesn't think I am some fraud.

    Anyways, I called him, and his attitude gets even worse, as he refused to speak with someone on a conference call, refused to listen to explanation by amex rep, and complained that he has never had to deal with such a complicated process, it is just a simple bag, blah blah.

    He even said that it is so fishy because I live in MA, so why not call to get my bag at NY? I responded that I did and they didnt have it! (i didnt say this, but I also will be visiting my friend in CA in a week, so it'd work out) I am sure they do. (and I am sure they don't because I called NY to check).

    Michael would not listen, so the Amex rep finally offered to make a note on my account and ask him to call amex from the # he knows, and it could be explained by a rep he talks to. He says he'll do that, hangs up, and hasn't called me back since.

    I am frustrated and angry, because at this point I don't know if I want the bag from him anymore. I know that it has been a complicated and perhaps more than average of a hassle for him, but his job is help customers, just because it was more complicated doesn't mean he can give me attitude and accuse me of fraud, especially when he refuses to calmly listen to an explanation.

    I could have my friend drive an hour to pay and pick up the bag, but I am really so upset at this Michael guy that I don't think I want to buy it from him! I am also not willing to call him again, because I am always put on hold forever while someone gets him.

    Sorry for the long post....it has just been EXTREMELY frustrating. :sad: This would have been my first YSL bag, but it has just been such an ordeal that I almost would rather save my first YSL bag for some super nice SA.

    Am I being irrational or would you guys do the same thing?
  2. You should have gotten the store manager involved. There's nothing worse than having an idiot SA preventing you from getting the bag of your dreams...after your ordeal, it's no wonder you no longer feel like buying the bag. Try calling YSL customer service, perhaps they can locate the bag for you at another YSL boutique. Good luck.
  3. I ordered a bag this week from the Houston store. The SA's that answered the phone were all pretty nice. Why not give them a call and see if they've got a double tote? I think it'd be "easier" to call all other YSL boutiques to see if they've got the bag you want if you don't want to deal with that SA unless you're going to get a manager involved.
  4. I just ordered a bag yesterday from Kathryn in the NY store-her number is on my post I just bought a violet downtown. She was so nice, probably one of the nicest people I ever talked to over the phone. I would think that another store could get this in order for you or else demand to speak to a manager. This is way too much drama on your part. I feel bad for your Dad too--I am sure he did not need to waste his time dealing with all this.
    I really hope you are able to get your bag.
  5. soo sorry for what happened to you....

    I dealt with Peter in the bal harbour store and he is super nice and they have the double bag in stock BTW!
  6. Houston had two double totes as of last Sunday....if you ask for Michael or Miguel, they are both very knowledgable and helpful. I'm sorry you had to deal with a bad SA.....I've walked away from getting things before from a bad SA, too.
  7. I agree...you should speak to the manager at the SF store. In fact, earlier this week, I had a conversation with her. Her name is Elaine, and she was super helpful and nice even though I didn't end up getting a bag from her.

    I'm sorry to read about the frustrating experience. I hope that you find some resolution and are able to purchase the bag.
  8. I used to buy from Barbara at YSL SF and she was super nice. But she's left to be a SA at Barney's now...

    I would definitely contact the store manager regarding this issue. It doesn't make sense that phone orders are not accepted.
  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    The horrible SA never called back anyways, so I am going to try and call the other stores. If not, I will be heading to SF in a week, so I will try my luck by going to the actual store myself.

    I really don't understand why some SAs can be so mean, isn't it to their benefit to try and treat all customers well?
  10. ^^^^^^^

    I never understood this too.....they are merely SELLING luxury goods, they don't make hefty salaries, and they seem to have alot of attitude. I always laugh when I hear about bad service at luxury boutiques....and most of these SA can't even afford the very same items they are giving you a hard time about !!! Go figure.....
    I hope you finally find what you are looking for !!!!! Good luck !!
  11. I just got a double bag at YSL in Costa Mesa in Orange county in California today. It is an ivory/gold color. It was on sale for $649.00. You can call Betty, she's very nice and very professional. I really love that bag!
  12. I would just ask for the manager... Or a different SA. If one person isn't being helpful, I go to someone else. I think he was very unprofessional, but you do not have to take it. Go to the higher ups or other people until you get what you want.
  13. Oh I'm sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately a lot of SAs don't know how to treat a customer. I've learned to cut my loss and immediately change the SA if the one I'm working with is less than enthusiastic.

    Just as a side note, if you do a phone-charge, you don't pay tax, I believe...? May be better to try other stores in different states.

    In any case, good luck.