Who Killed Diana?

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  1. Pretty creepy. I'm surprised this was released. I don't buy some of the theories presented. At the end of the day I do think she was murdered. I just think that the true method is being overlooked. People are looking for something complex. I think it was something quite simple that no one would ever suspect. I also never bought the notion that she was pregnant by Dodi Al-Fayed.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on all of this?
  2. She Ws Murdered? OMG! :wtf: HOW?
  3. The idea presented was that it was done by the royal family because they felt she was becoming too much of a liability. Some theories were that one of the secret service groups tampered with the caror that another car caused the crash. And there was concern about why it took so long for her to actually reach the hospital after the emergency crews arrived on the scene.
  4. I believe that her driver was indeed drunk. But, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that her death was a set up by her ex-family members. However, I don't believe that she was pregnant or on the verge of getting engaged any time soon to Dodi Fayed. Just my thoughts.......
  5. No. As I said earlier I don't think she was pregnant either. She may have been a bit controversial for the royal family, but I don't think she would have gone THAT far. And they were saying that she and Dodi were really just good friends, that she was still in love with that Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr. Khan.
  6. It was a fascinating program but I am a fan of conspiracy theories. I do have to wonder why it took so long to take her to the hospital?