Who just got their first HOLLYWOOD wax!!!

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  1. Haha me! I just got back from the salon! And it was not only my first hollywood wax but my first ever wax ever! I thought i would throw myself in at the deep end!:tup:
    And it didnt even hurt as much as I thought it was going to!!! No:crybaby:for me!!

    Do you know what, I love it! And the beautician was fantastic!!! No bleeding or anything! Im definatley getting these done from now on!!!

    So all of you hollywood waxers come and share!!:roflmfao:
  2. oooh i've been debating whether or not to do this in the past (my friend and i had a long discussion about our boyfriend's wanting to wax us :wtf::wtf::wtf:)

    i've never been waxed before either, and i'm terrified of pain and so on the one hand i'm all how bad can it hurt....but then the little voice keeps telling me....pretty bad :death:
  3. Bf waxing! No no no!!!
    But serious I am the biggest wimp in the world! And it was ok, there is a little bit that makes you go "OW" and i did say ow, not scream! lol, but serious it is sooo worth it! But make sure you go to a proper Hollywood/Brazilian waxing person. The therapist told me a lot of places say they do it but they dont and mess up...

    But yeh GO FOR IT!!! Your BF will LOVE IT!!! xx
  4. If a Hollywood wax is a Brazilian wax, then yes I have had them before.

    Just be careful of ingrowns!
  5. ur a brave brave woman :rolleyes:

    too much info coming so please skip if you really don't wanna know :P but the bf actually decided to take it upon himself to try to pluck the area just as a pain test, and that didn't really hurt at all, but i'm sure waxing is a whole nother story, since it's a billion hairs being ripped out instead of one itty bitty one :sad:
  6. ^ah your brave letting him do that!!! Lol, serious its def worth it! Woke up this morning and its not even pink now! xx
  7. What is a Hollywood wax?? Same as a brazilian??
  8. ^^^^Hollywood is everything, Brazilian is leaving just a strip

    Brave you tho for throwing yourself in at the deepend! i have waxed down there for years (about 5) and have only in the last year or so have started having hollywoods, It does hurt but not for long and it get's easier everytime, i bet you wished you would of done it earlier now!
  9. Oh gosh lol!! It sounds kinda scary but I'm not too much of a wuss so if given the chance I probably could do it. Let us know how you like it!! I'm a bit worried about ingrown hairs in *that* particular area.
  10. I always thought a Brazilian was the one that removed everything? I'm been having everything removed for years and I've always called it Brazilian. The Hollywood term is new to me.
  11. Same here; every salon I've gone to considers Brazilian to be everything gone.
  12. I always thought a Brazillian was all gone too, but okay! :smile:

    Congrats. How's the SO liking it? lol :graucho:
  13. LMAO, love that smiley.
    Anyway how often do you have to get them done? Does anyone know? I'm a big wimp and I've only ever got my eyebrows waxed professionally lol.
  14. This is my first time hearing of a Hollywood wax. I had a brazillian wax about 2 months ago and it hurt like hell :wtf:
    I actually have an appointment this evening for a brazillian wax but at a different place this time. The first place I went to is the same place I go to for my brows, the woman knew it was my first time and she was not very comforting :tdown: I also noticed when all done that she was using wax from a big ole pot :yucky: thats super unsanitary IMO so I wont be going back. The place I am going to today I have heard great things about from at least 3 different women.
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