Who is your SA on Bloor? Which SAs are best?

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  1. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I couldnt find it

    But who are the good SAs on Bloor? Im considering switching to bloor Holt Renfrew or Bloor Flagship. Any suggestions? I really want to build a relationship with my SA and hate moving around from one store to another so often. I have dealt with Shaya in Yorkdale once and really like him, but called 866 VUITTON and they said the wallet I want is at Bloor St Holt Renfrew LV counter. Can they ship it to the LV Yorkdale so I can buy from my SA Shaya at Yorkdale LV?

    Or who should I see at the HR Bloor St? Should I switch to the big flagship all together? HELP!!!
  2. I was told they can't ship items from store to store. I have found recently that there are many new SAs at both Holt Renfrew stores. I mainly go to the Yorkdale one since it's closer to me. All of them are quite friendly but not too knowledgeable yet since they are new.
  3. I had a girl by the name of Pam serve me at Holts LV. She may remember me by looks not name as I don't really have a relationship with her. Im a tall brunette who exchanged an EVA clutch a few weeks ago and told her I bought a Roxbury during a trip to Europe. Maybe she'll remember...lol
  4. Well I need to go to LV at HR Bloor to get the wallet I want (only one left). I'd rather deal with my SA at yorkdale and try and build a relationship. But yorkdale sometimes also just seems WAY too busy!!!
  5. I can recommend one, but there are others on here that may have a different opinion.
    Matthew from Holts LV downtown was from Yorkdale and used to be my SA and he was great!
    You can try him, but from the responses that I've got from others here on TPF, it can be hit or miss. So....try at your own risk? LOL?
  6. I agree w/ Jelly - I really like Matthew, he was from Yorkdale and I find him really friendly & helpful...he sent me a lovely note when I bought my Trevi - it was the sweetest thing!! GL
  7. What does he look like? Is this the infamous pony tail guy?
  8. No ponytail guy (Joe) is now at the stand alone LV store on Bloor...

    Matthew is young, has blondish hair, cute (IMO)...very chatty & friendly - although I have read other people here not liking him...
  9. I recommend Naoko.

    She was my SA for a while when I was in Toronto.
    She's a very petite Japanese woman, but she's super sweet!
    You can take a look at an item for a loooooooooooooong time, and she wouldn't give a damn! LOL.

    Okay no...I meant to say that she's just very patient.
    Highly recommend her. :smile:
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    Oh dear .. I recommend Naoko. Another TPFer told me about her and she is great :smile:.

    Ha ha .. looks like Rena just commented before me :smile:.
  11. I'd definitely have to agree with what some of the other tpfers are saying about Matthew- he's very personable and knowledgeable and will take the time to help you decide.I have also purchased from Renata at that same location and Soo-Mink at Yorkdale.These SA's were also helpful and provided me with great customer service.
  12. Oh ok...good to know re pony tail guy (joe) hehehe

    Matthew sounds like me !! haha young, blondish hair, cute (dont mean to be vain sorry!). Hopefully I'd get along with him. Might have to give him a try!!

    Dont worry I understood what you meant!!! She sounds lovely, might have to try her also! Wow I didnt think Id find anyone at HR Bloor!! So happy... LOVE TPF!!!!!

    Thanks for your reply!!!

    Ok great...good to know. I like an SA that knows what he is talking about but isnt arrogant or snarky or rude. Matthew sounds like a good fit for me!!!
  13. Martin at the LV Bloor flagship store was a great help for me. He was the older dude, but still very pleasant and patient. He was eager to help and will let you try on the bags for as long as you like.
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    I had meh experiences at the Bloor flagship - helpful, but just not personable.

    At Holts on Bloor, I've had good experiences with Peggy and a young, cute guy - think his name is Fernando??

    At Yorkdale, I've always liked Joanne...ponytail guy aka Jozef has been good too (and seems to remember me and my purchases without looking it up on my file).

    Lately I prefer going to Bloor Holts...decided to leave my pochette there to be sent out for repair.
  15. FERNANDO he is. He looks Hispanic, which is confirmed by his name, a little of Enrique Iglesias' type of look~ Just looks cute though, I don't feel he is especially nice. Maybe a little bit of Hispanic hospitality, that's all.

    IMO Louis Vuitton SA's are in general colder than Chanel, Gucci, etc.