Who is your hero/role model?

  1. Obviously, besides my wonderful mother, mine is Marja Skłodowska-Curie :heart:. I am an aspiring chemist, and she was one of the best. On top of furthering research of radioactivity in the late 1890's, her and her husband Pierre Curie discovered two new elements: polonium, and radium. I also love the fact that she was Polish. Being Polish myself, I'm always subject to dumb "Polish 'Jokes'"...I always mention Marja when people throw that stereotypical crap at me. :cool:

    So, who is your role model?
  2. My grandmother, she got emotional diabetis when I was 2 years old she was 50. She lost her eyesight and had to deal with 7 eye surgerys that didn't help but worsen. She was so elegant and carried herself with such grace. Her house was impacable without any help she learned how to do things herself. I remember standing on a chair in the kitchen telling her when to turn off the stove because the rice was done. She was a Carolina Herrera and Paloma Piccaso wearer, she loved jewelry, makeup, handbags, shoes with a passion but she loved her family even more. In december it will be 10 years that I lost her and it feels like it was yesterday. I am proud to say that my good taste came from her. She would always hold on to my moms arm and have her sunglasses on, and if you saw her you couldn't tell. Some people are still amazed to know that she was blind. What better role model than one that I loved and loved me back.
  3. mi madre. she is beautiful and classy and the most patient woman on earth.
  4. My grandfathers, both have passed and both were strong figures in my life. unfortunately I have really bad judgment when it comes to men. I need to look for ones like my grandfathers and my dad. I knew one of my grandpa's better than the other only because he lived longer, he raised 13 children (with the help of my grandma of course) on a plumbers / farmers pay and to this day he is the strongest male role model in my life. My other grandfather farmed until he got Cancer. After that he took a job at the local small town High School as a Janitor. Never once did he feel sorry for himself and he took what life gave him as blessings. I wish I was that strong. He posed happily every year for yearbook pictures cleaning and keeping the boilers running. I wish he could have lived longer so I could really get to know him. But my dad's a spitting image of him so I feel like I know him in my heart.

    My Dad gave up his career during it's peak for my mom. She went back to college after we were in school and we ended up moving way far away. He left his job, career, everything. He has been mr. mom since I was 13. I'm a total daddy's girl and he loves all his girls (mom, me, my sister) with all his heart. There isn't a thing in the world he wouldn't do for any of us.

    I need just one man who come's close the the morals and standards of my father and grandfathers. That of course is if I ever date again. :lol:
  5. Truly both of my parents...I honestly could not ask for better parents
  6. Karolina Kurkova & Britney Spears
  7. Katharine Graham, who took over as publisher of The Washington Post after her husband, Philip Graham, who was publisher of the paper, committed suicide. He suffered from manic depression. She was publisher of the Post during the Watergate scandal, gave the go-ahead for Woodward and Bernstein to publish their stories, and approved the publishing of the Pentagon Papers. I read her book, Personal History, last year, and loved it. She was a strong woman and in my opinion, a pioneer for women in journalism and leadership roles :biggrin:
  8. Mine would be my Grandmother and Oprah. Two amazing women who despite the odds became strong, courageous, spiritual women. :heart:
  9. Can i ask if you are granddaughter of Whitney Houston, because in your avatar you are very beautiful just like she
  10. 1. My older brother, Jimmy. We have a great relationship, and he has always loved me to death. He has taught me a lot about animals, and I think he is responsible for my nerdy habits and getting me into learning. Even since before I can remember, I have been able to sit through and enjoy hours of nature documentaries with him. He's a good guy, and he's pretty cool too:cool: .

    2. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. She does really well in school, and she is tough when she needs to be.
  11. No, thats so very sweet of you. Biologically it would be impossible for me to be Whitney's Houston's Granddaughter.

    Thank you anyway, your very kind. :love:
  12. You too :smile: you are very pretty and you have nice face...
  13. My oldest Son, Jeffrey - raised by one parent, was a father to his 3 younger siblings, worked as a teenager to help me support the family and all through college till graduating from U. of A. Now he has his own family, works as a real estate broker and teaches classes at the local college. Is the kindest, most loving and generous person one can imagine. Never has an unkind word to say.:heart: He is my true hero.
  14. My grandpa, who grew up dirt poor in Klamath Falls, Orgeon-and if you've ever been there, you know how backwards it is (consider the fact that the local "Shilo Inn" is consided high class). He started his own insurance business from scratch and was able to give my mom and I the things that he'd never had: yearly trips to Hawaii and Florida, gorgeous jewelry (my mother, grandma & aunt) and extravagnt shopping trips (Me!). In fact, he's at his timeshare in Palm desert right now, relaxing with my grandma and hopefully getting me something! :graucho:
  15. I considered an older cousin in the past to be my role model but I found out that she decided to let go of her dream to become a lawyer/doctor and be a housewife.. now, i don't really have one, I just find the good qualities about others around me but don't really think they r my role-models.... just ppl that I admire..