Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

  1. I always like Rachel Ray recipes, her show is fun to watch too.
  2. Emeril. Have loved every recipe of his I've tried as well as his restaurant (Nola's) in New Orleans.
  3. I love Nigella Lawson! I always watch her shows even though they are mostly ones I have seen. I also really like Jamie Oliver!
  4. Paula Dean and Giada off of Everyday Italian.
  5. Jamie Oliver - he's fun to watch.
  6. I like rachel ray too, my MIL got me one of her 30 min meals and it's great because I really can't cook :biggrin: she is coming to barnes and nobles tomorrow and I'm going to try to get my MIL a signed copy of her new book as a christmas gift.

    I like to watch jamie oliver or nigella too!!
  7. i love mario battali!
  8. Rachael Ray and Paula Dean. Although, I dont really care for Paula's recipes...she is just too cute and I love to watch her!

    Now, Rachael Ray on the other hand, I have made a lot of her recipes and they are to die for!
  9. Giada, Ina Garten, Michael Chiarello, Tyler Florence
  10. Alain Ducasse, Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud. They rarely appear on TV, but their food is TDF!!!!

    For TV celebs, I guess I like Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentiis. Their food looks good. I also like Jamie Oliver and Nathan Lyon. While I'm not too crazy about his on air persona, Gordon Ramsey's food looks good.
  11. For TV chefs, I like Nigella Lawson, Dave Lieberman and Ina Garten.
  12. Nigella Lawson
    Jaime Oliver
    Ina Garten
  13. Hands down Rachel Ray...she makes cooking seem fun and easy and she is always so bubbly and cute!
  14. Paula Dean and Giada...I like them all though.
  15. Anthony Bourdain by far! In terms of chefs on actual cooking shows though, I'm a fan of Ina Garten and Paula Deen as well. Paula is so absurd with her butter usage that it makes me laugh every time :nuts: