Who is your favorite niche or independent designer?

  1. Inspired by the "favorite non-designer handbag" thread I'd love to know what independent designers you love. Basically, any designer bags that are out of the mainstream or new up-and-coming designers.

    I love discovering new designers or other ones that aren't super popular in my area.

    Me, I have a Heather Hawkins snakeskin bag I LOVE. She's an independent designer out of California and she makes some fantastic exotic leather bags.

    Also, I have red croc-embossed Marino Orlandi, maybe not quite as niche as it's somewhat popular in Italy but not at all in Canada.

    What indy designers do you love. Pics welcome I'll get to posting some soon too.
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  3. I love indie designers but the ones I'm familiar with are ones introduced to me by tpf.
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  5. Catherine Parra!
    French designer.
    Beautiful light weight and printed leathers, lovely colours, original and good quality.
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    One of my recent find of independent designer is Ling Wu. I have not bought any bags from her. Her designs are okay, imho. I do like the softness of the leather. The prices are still steep for the average customers. Her website: http://lingwu.sg/.

    Some of her creations,
    tumblr_m1nfse0y3k1r7jiil.jpg tumblr_m05upupujv1rq40r3o1_r1_1280.jpg tumblr_m05ur0xyDX1rq40r3o1_r2_1280.jpg LW_4.jpg LW_1.jpg
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  8. Another is Ethan K, still an independent designer despite its heightened popularity. I only like the clutches mostly.
    30145_952.jpg 30140_952.jpg 30126_952.jpg Snake-Minaudiere-in-Violet-Crocodile-L2.jpeg skindeep_right.jpg
  9. Love the purple one!!
  10. I love framed purses / clutches like that...

    My fav right now are Alverio Martini - makes the geo print bags.
    And Linea Pelle. - makes fabulous leather bags.

    They are not quite unknown but at the same time not very popular that I have seen.
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    I trust my instincts and don't always go for mainstream, however I do like to know there is a stability about a brand in case I need some good old fashioned aftercare. If I was spending a lot of money I probably wouldn't spend it with someone like L'Wren Scott or The Row although they appear fabulous. I prefer leather goods makers rather than fashion designers. Some of the following I don't actually own but I have had the pleasure of viewing, I would have no problem putting my money where my mouth is though :biggrin:.

    Perrin Paris, modern in an old-school way

    Launer London, very old-school, although for me to buy a bag they would have to make them a bit bigger.

    Tanner Krolle, London. So under rated, great history and styling.

    Quentine Mackay, a wonderful designer.

    Delvaux, I think it's still Indenpendent.

    Chanel is still independent and I do like an occasional Chanel bag ;).

    House of Florence, run by the real Gucci family. If I lived in Italy I would be BROKE!.

    JT Bags, stylish and quality.

    Richard Emden, made in Thailand but very well.

    VBH, exceptional.

    Libertys, well I LOVE mine (3) :tender:

    Bracher and Emden, a totally different style statement but unmistakable

    Sonia Rykiel, again a little bit of something different.

    William and Son, London, precious.
  12. They look outstanding :yes: