Who is your favorite dady of 2006?


who is your favorite dady of 2006?

  1. ryan phillippe

  2. ben affleck

  3. brad pitt

  4. david beckham

  5. matt damon

  6. gavin rossdale

  7. will smith

  8. tom cruise

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  1. my voted ben affleck:yes:
  2. I picked Brad Pitt because he's been so good to those adopted kids. I think he signed papers to become MAD's father.
  3. Will Smith for sure.
  4. Same He looks more Dady than the others. I mean, look At him, his child could feel secure in those Big arms.

    the others, are just sexy dadies... but Ben has the dady attitude!
  5. definitelt ben affleck
  6. def Brad. he adopted angelina's kids and gave them his name. and he's helping other children in need around the world.
  7. Ben - very hands on and lovingly protective.
  8. Brad Pitt, for sure!!!!!
  9. I voted will Smith, just LOVE him!!
  10. Brad Pitt.....
  11. Hmmm I don't know for sure ..we only see them from the outside but they are all seem to be loving dads.

    But I think for Brad Pitt to adop those kids he must be pretty commited and a good dad.
  12. i picked becks bc he is so hot...his genes, what more does he have to give:p j/k
  13. for me its a tie between ben affleck and will smith :smile:
  14. I voted for Brad Pitt but I also love Matt Damon & Will Smith. What freak would vote for Tom Cruise? =X
  15. I voted for Becks! I just think it's so cute when he hangs out with the kiddies!