Who is your favorite celeb blogger?

  1. We love Perez Hilton:nuts: even if he is a bit over the top.
  2. does justjared count? LOL
  3. Dave Navarro 6767
  4. tim gunn!
  5. Michael K. from dlisted.com or Arasto from fadedyouth.blogspot.com! I like justjared.com too!

  6. the gofugyourself girl
  7. Man, I love:
    Trent, from pinkisthenewblog.
    Michael K, from dlisted.com
    man, my list can go on, and on!
  8. Can BryanBoy count as a celeb blogger ??
  9. if he is, then he's my fave too;)
  10. dlisted.com makes me laugh out loud!
    perezhilton.com is the most fun and has juiciest gossip
    teddyandmoo.com has the best and most pictures
  11. definately Michael K from Dlisted b/c he is so un p-c & irreverent about the way he writes about the celebrities. he says the things everyone is thinking but too afrais to say!
  12. Trent from Pink is the New Blog ! :yes:

    My favourite blog ever has to be Cuteoverload tho !
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