who is your favorite celeb baby???


who is your favorite celeb baby???

  1. sean preston federline

  2. suri cruise

  3. violet affleck

  4. shiloh nouvel jolie-pitt

  5. kingston rossdale(gwen's baby)

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  1. ofcourse violet:yes: :love:
  2. My pick is Maddox Jolie-Pitt! lol not on the list, but he looks like a cool little dude.
  3. i agree! he's sooo cute! :lol:
  4. i think the little boy madonna adopted is soooooo cute~~~
  5. Apple...that is one cute little girl!
  6. I have to go with Suri Cruise....that is just a gorgeous baby!!
  7. owww yeah you are right. i forgot many celeb babies:wtf: sorry :Push:
  8. i :heart: the offspring of angelina jolie and brad pitt...
    she is adorable... :yes:

    of course, the other babies are also very very cute...
    i can't wait to see them in their teens...
    next generation of hot celebs in making!
  9. violet :smile:
  10. sean preston. he might have lost the parental lottery, but he's the cutest little roly poly baby ever!
  11. Cruise + Federline Equally :heart:
  12. Suri and Jude Law's Rudy.
  13. How are you supposed to choose? Which baby cries less or which celeb parents do you like more?
  14. hands down...SURI ! so adorable!
  15. Violet :biggrin: I just wana squeeze her!!! SOOOO cute :biggrin:
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