Who is waitlisted for the Dentelle in S.Fla?

  1. Ladies and gents, children of all ages.....

    no just kidding.

    Is anyone waitlisted or just plan on getting an LV Dentelle piece when they come out on the twentieth? Especially anyone in South Florida? It would be nice to meet some of you!

    I am on Saks 5th's LV list in Boca.
  2. Hi! I'm in SFL and considering the Besace with the gold. =) Which one are you planning on getting???
  3. hae...hae

    Anyone got a pic of it?
  4. im on the list for the dentelle pochette and the BH and the speedy!
    th_Dentelle.jpg attachment-1.jpeg attachment-2.jpeg attachment-3.jpeg attachment.jpeg
  5. The first is all the bags and wallets coming out, the first bag top left being the besace
    the second is the BH
    third is the pochette
    fourth is the speedy
    fifth is the pochette again!:love:
  6. i was just wondering who i would run into on the day of the dentelle!
  7. Not me, I am too poor this month :roflmfao: but I loove Boca LV, there is a super nice SA there :biggrin:
  8. ^^^oh, who do you like? i would love to know!