Who is waiting for a wine matinee?

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  1. The wait is going to kill me, but at least it will give me something to look forward to when I get back from my vacation.
  2. Me! I try not to think about it but it's impossible not to.
  3. ME ME ME!! i'm waiting for a matinee, and a nikki.
  4. Me too...cant wait!!
  5. I'm also waiting on a Wine Matinee!
  6. Me, too! I have a picture of it open on my computer all the time just to remind me that it'll be here ... eventually. :girlsigh:
  7. *raises hand* DITTO to what Desi said.

    Is it May yet? :hysteric:

    I'll just keep drooling over V. Hudge's pic of her rockin' the wine Matinee.... :girlsigh:
  8. ^^i know i wish it was winter so i could wear a scarf with my matinee and go to starbucks and get a white choco mocha!
  9. Me too! I already bought the scarf Vanessa Hudgens was wearing with the matinee!!!
  10. Giiirrrllll, two snaps in a circle, Ain't that the truth! Have you ever tried a RASPBERRY WHITE MOCHA? That is my staple drink! It's so "deeliciouz" :lol: Please don't mind me I am corny.... :upsidedown:

    Fiona, what scarf did you buy and where? Please share.... :angel: :hugs:
  11. You're not corny, Dee, you're awesome! Your posts always make me laugh :P
  12. awww thanks Cayce! :flowers: :hugs:
  13. Yes I have one coming too! And I am so excited!!!! I had that bag shipped to my parents house as well and my father called me 2 days ago to tell me that a long box came for me. So I thought "what on earth could that be???" So I got so happy thinking it was the matinee since it is a long bag.

    So I rush home and to my disappointment....not the bag. I forgot I ordered I new large umbrella from Target. I went from thinking my matinee was here to getting an umbrella! LOL!!! At least my RM will be even more protected in the rain! LOL!!!
  14. I have one too!!

    I have a stupid question... I know that Catalina kept pushing back the date of the production start date so that enough girls would buy them... when is 8 weeks up???!
  15. Hey Daph! :flowers: If you ordered in the first batch, the wait is still only 8 weeks, which should be over sometime in May.... HTH :wlae: