*Who is waiting for a Linea Pelle bag to be delivered?*

  1. Did you hear back from them?
  2. Do tell!
  3. I got another Lola!
  4. I just bought my first LP today for a steal on Bonanza. Can't wait to get my hot little hands on it!
  5. What did u get?
  6. I got a Dylan Zip Tote in purple. Really excited to get it!
  7. just ordered a dylan medium tote in scotch! yay! can't stay away from these LP bags!
  8. My olive Dylan with gunmetal hardware finally arrived (no thanks to Parcelforce but the less said about their hideous service, the better).

    Gorgeous leather, soft and puddly. LOVE IT!!
  9. Yay! Is it your perfect olive?
  10. My midnight blue chevron Dylan Speedy arrived and it is lush! First LP bag & the leather is top quality and smells gorgeous. So in love - it's for postgrad uni to hold my iPad and lunch and stethoscope. I'm going to own so many more LPs when I am working again!!
  11. Jenbur, yes! It is my perfect olive and I absolutely love the shape of the Dylan on the shoulder. It drapes to beautifully.
  12. Just ordered the Jesse Small Speedy in Cognac!
  13. My Jesse speedy is scheduled to be here Thursday!!!
  14. I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself. . .
  15. Sorry! Don't have an LP otw myself, but I'll live vicariously thru you! I'm still holding out for a DMT with gunmetal hw or a turq dmt. When I find that, I'll have a bag otw.:graucho: