Who is up for a MARCH reveal?

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  1. Hey guys, just collected my parcel and can't wait to share with you all, who wants to see it??
  2. Oh, it looks beautiful! I'm here!
  3. Ooh whatcha got?
  4. Oooh open it please!
  5. Good morning!
    Let's continue.
  6. Take a guess!
  7. Tada!!
  8. Ooh very smart [emoji1303]
  9. This is my first balenciaga bag, I still remember back to few years ago, I wasn't even a fan of it at all, I thought they all look similar but just in different sizes. When i saw my friends got the lambskin cities, I said that I would never buy this bag. Look where I am now~ lol~
    Emmm, see, people do change without notice.

    I have to admit that it was growing little by little after couple of years after that, but my main concern that kept me away from it until now which is I couldn't stand the easy wears on the corner of the lambskin bags, I still can't. But I guess that's the "price" to pay for those most beautiful slouchy look right. Plus not everyone cares about the corners, unfortunately I can't help to not bother me. So when I saw the goatskin came out (one of my Chanel SA told me that people thought caviar or calf are the most durable skin compares to other types but besides different treatment of different type, the goatskin is the most durable one over caviar, calf, of course lambskin), I thought it might be the time to get one! So here I am.

    I hope this will help some people who are hesitating, who have the similar concern as mine.

    Thanks for letting me share. Have a great weekend!

  10. That's just beautiful and I can vouch for the toughness of goatskin. I had a bag made for me from this leather and the artist who made it said it's so very durable.
    I hope you enjoy your bag for many years to come!
  11. Wonderful bag! Congrats! I also got a bag from Reebonz in February, they packaged really well. And great prices too!
  12. Beautiful! I can feel the excitement for you! That bag is on my wish list too!
  13. That is one gorgeous lady!
  14. Looks very nice! enjoy!
  15. love it!!! I just bought my first balenciaga bag and I'm waiting for it to arrive =)
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