Who is up for a “Giant” reveal?!?!

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  1. BA8FA2FE-883D-42E5-8C30-FBA99C781A4A.jpeg 7B958FC9-940D-47FE-910D-1FAE920984A5.jpeg Now I know this collection is not for everyone and I totally get that. There are collections that don’t suit me but I see other members rocking it and they look amazing. I’m a more conservative/subdued dresser and I like to make a statement with my accessories so this collection is right up my alley. ☺️
  2. I’m here girl! The main thing I love about the giant collection is the khaki green color. :biggrin:
    (So far I got the kiragami, bracelet and awaiting the micro pouchette and xl toiletry pouch.) :biggrin:

    Can’t wait to see what you got.
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  3. 2825FCA1-BE88-473D-883D-390F9475170A.jpeg ..
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  4. Ooo baby. Can it be a NF? I am wanting that so bad. :lol:

    I’ll hang on till other members see your post. :biggrin:
  5. I won’t make you wait. Not an NF......


  6. B0160705-4314-4329-9DB4-AF027778A208.jpeg CCB3DC0C-BB94-4D78-B6AD-39098FF49389.jpeg
  7. What a cheerful piece! Enjoy!
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  8. D68227FD-8C8E-49F4-992E-07A20765DDBB.jpeg A207A1CB-D07D-46A2-849F-AF4CADBB56DA.jpeg
  9. Omg!! :nuts: It’s gorgeous!! Enjoy your beautiful bag! :smile:
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  10. FCD5BA4C-032C-40BD-BFB4-496179957627.jpeg E12C1699-758A-4E50-8703-4F5F492C8C3D.jpeg I also got the bandouliere strap to go with it
  11. I’m also hoping to get the Hawai’i exclusive On The Go tote when I’m in Waikiki this summer.
  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!:heart: Love the added bandouliere strap! :smile:
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  13. Thank you!! Just loving the bright colors so much. What a fun bag to add to my collection.
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  14. It's a wild, fun piece. Enjoy it in great health.
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  15. Yes I think this bag is just .... not for me lol BUT the colors are great and it’s a perfect bag for pride haha. I’m excited for you and your new bag !
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