Who is ultimate live band ever

  1. Bruce Springsteen for me with out a doubt.
  2. The Who
  3. Def Leppard....old lady rock lover here...they sound like they do on their albums..well at least they did back in the early 90's
  4. I can't just pick one! :push:

    Hot Water Music
    Alkaline Trio
    The Draft
    The Lawrence Arms

    Have all put on awesome shows.
  5. Fleetwood Mac
  6. So far Nine Inch Nails was the best by far. I had the best time there. I am dying to see Tool and am going to see them sometime this year when they come closer.
  7. Van Halen!

    But, that may change next weekend when I go see Prince...:yahoo:
  8. Yes is the best performing band I've seen live.
  9. Oh, and a close second: Prince is an amazing performer as well.
  10. Prince is AMAZING!!!!!!! Also enjoyed Dance Hall Crashers, U2, Porno for Pyros.

    Note: Saw Tool and they were pretty good too.
  11. I love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  12. ^^^Me too! I've seen their awesome concert at least 8 times.
  13. Dave Matthews. They interact sooo well with their audience.

    NIN was really good too (allison!!)

    I also have to say that Elton John and Billy Joel together were fantastic back in the day.

    Does anyone remember the Boston band Morphine? They were great too in the 90s. Their lead singer passed away in an untimely death but I still think they had the best mixture of rock and jazz ever.
  14. HAHA! This is an awesome question...as Bon Jovi's number one fan (that would be me) I say BON JOVI!:heart:

    Others I have seen over the years that were awesome were ELO and Paul McCartney and Wings...yes girls, I am old.
  15. I loved Supergrass and Super Furry Animals!