Who is this designer???HeavenSent or Passerby

  1. I know someone posted a link to this designer a bit ago, but I can't find it. Does anyone remember? It's in the new Anthropologie bags.
    slyfox from anthropologie.jpg
  2. Kathleen, it wasn't me who posted the link, probably Heavensent. :smile:
  3. To jog memories - this designer has a line of bags that snap together. In the attachment, the little bag is snapped onto the big bag. I think it is a female designer who uses her name as the design name.
  4. The only designer who I can think of is Karine Dupont, but I don't think she's the designer you're thinking of, kathleen. BTW I went to do a search for heavensent's threads and found one on Kisim - great bags but they don't seem to be talked about much.
  5. It might be Sherry Wolf
  6. Passerby - I love Kisim, but what I thought was cool here has the two purse in one design. I know someone posted about these because seen them before, and where else would I read about bags. When I last read about them, the designer had a stand one wesite, i think she was from new york, and she had a bunch of these, in multiple sizes. I wrote the look off b/c i thought too trendy, too wierd, but now, it appeals to me. again though, kisim is great great great. I first saw their stuff not here but on wrapables.com. It was their vagabond bag and the storksak diaper bag that led me to purseforum.com through many convoluted paths.
  7. reminds me of the Gypsy bag by EDE
  8. Very much so - I agree. Karine Dupont is very nice, too. I urge everyone to look at her collection. www.karinedupont.com
    I like Sherry Wolf but it is not her. She is very Aaneta, very Balanciaga meets western.
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  10. liz mole is the designer who does 'bags on bags' http://www.lizmole.com, but i don't see anything like this one on her site. maybe the fall collection isn't up yet...
  11. thank you gretchen. this is the website i have seen before but the resemblance is not there. i guess i will have to call anthropologie.
  12. Thanks, grechen, otherwise I'd have continued on a fruitless hunt as well :yes: Yeah, I've too much time on my hands (back to work tomorrow, though!)