Who is this bag by?

  1. Does Anyone know who makes this bag?

  2. Umm, first things that come to mind after seeing the hardware: Derek Lam? Animalier line by Prada? Valentino??
  3. I think that it's a bag that Rachel Zoe designed with Judith Leiber. It would make sense cause she's her stylist.
  4. Here it is!
    Rachel Zoe bag.jpg
  5. Thanks so much for everyone looking and trying to identify...
  6. NIce bag!

    Are you thinking of getting it?
  7. Nicely spotted Maedchen! Cool looking bag!
  8. Nice job Maedchen!
  9. oooh... it looks so much like something from derek lam :p
    great job maedchen!
  10. Well done, maedchen!
  11. Thanks maedchen! I was so wrong :push:
  12. beautiful bag! good eye maedchen
  13. thanks guys! I loved this bag until I saw the price (and who it was designed by :p)!
  14. I really like that bag
  15. I actually own this bag and I love it and get compliments anytime I wear it! It is also so well made!