Who is the World's Most Powerful Star? (Forbes)

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    Who is the World's Most Powerful Star?
    June 15, 2006

    It's the ultimate star power ranking, with no less than ANGELINA JOLIE playing covergirl for the Forbes "Celebrity 100" issue hitting stands tomorrow, June 16.

    In its annual ranking of fame and clout, the magazine calculates which entertainers have earned the most over the past year, and then selects the top earners from different professions.

    So, which lucky star rose to the top?

    It's none other than 'Mission: Impossible' star TOM CRUISE! 'War of the Worlds' gave him a $60 million dollar paycheck, but that's just part of his appeal. Other high profile particulars -- such as the amount of global news media coverage and how often Tom graces the magazine racks -- also adds to his star power.

    U2 hit number two on the list, thanks to a sell-out tour; 50 CENT also made a pretty penny on the road -- $41 million dollars, to be exact, placing him in the eight spot; but the biggest road act is also the oldest -- the ROLLING STONES, who landed all the way up at number two.

    It's not all about money, though. STEVEN SPIELBERG made the most bank out of anyone on the list with a $332 million income -- but he only ranked number six. HOWARD STERN made $302 million, and he was number seven.

    Rounding out the top ten is DAN BROWN, author of The Da Vinci Code; the cast of "The Sopranos," who earned a collective $52 million; and the one and only TIGER WOODS, who took home $90 million dollars and the number five ranking.

    Of course, the biggest surprises this year are those who didn't make the grade!

    JULIA ROBERTS took a break from Hollywood to be a mom and light up Broadway. Even so, it's her first time off the list since 1999.

    LINDSAY LOHAN didn't even get lucky -- she dropped off the list with a couple of unsuccessful movies, as did her teen idol rival HILARY DUFF.

    Controversial films are usually a safe bet to hit the box office jackpot, and TOM HANKS can thank 'The Da Vinci Code' for sliding him up the scale this year. But MEL GIBSON slips off the list as his 'Passion' fades from the top sales charts.

    Of course, it's not all about the box office, as notorious goofball JIM CARREY's last two movies didn't reel in his usually massive ticket sales -- but his past success carried him through to number 69. Meanwhile, fellow funnyman WILL FERRELL bounces off the top 100.

    With her "Confessions" tour pulling in huge sales this summer, MADONNA is likely to find herself on the list next year, but she's off the top 100 this time around. One musician who did rake in the dough this year was newly single Sir PAUL McCARTNEY, who pulled rank at number 14. Another performer, JENNIFER LOPEZ, dropped down on the chart, but still remains on the list at number 59.

    OPRAH WINFREY topped the list at number one in 2005. After 21 years, her show continues to rule the airwaves, but believe it or not, last year marked Oprah's first time in the top slot.

    Other top personalities include late night talk show hosts DAVID LETTERMAN and JAY LENO, along with daytime's Dr. PHIL McGRAW.

    "The Apprentice" CEO DONALD TRUMP makes this year's list, and is no stranger to the pages of Forbes. "Donald is a perennial on the 'Forbes 400' [an annual ranking of the 400 Richest Americans] thanks to his real estate holdings," says KIRI BLAKELY, a senior reporter for the magazine. "There's no doubt he's a mogul there, but he's becoming a TV mogul."

    Other reality show personalities like "Extreme Home Makeover" hottie TY PENNINGTON and "American Idol" host RYAN SEACREST made the list -- as well as "Idol" judge SIMON COWELL.

    So, when all is said and done, who's number one? Find out tonight on ET!

    Tom Cruise tops the Forbes "Celebrity 100" list this year.
    Forbes' annual "Celebrity 100" issue hits stands Friday, June 16.
    Oprah ranked number one on last year's list.
  2. WHAT!!!! Tom Cruise is such a freak!!!! Why would he be #1????
  3. if Tom Cruise is #1, then why is Angelina Jolie picture on the cover of the magazine. *ugh* I can't stand seeing her everywhere...:yucky:
  4. We better combine these posts.
  5. I guess magazine editors choose to put 'whoever sells magazines' on their cover. She & some other female stars (no need to name them right?) are always on the covers of mags lately. Actresses grace the covers of fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, W, etc) more than models these days.
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    Cruise and Hanks Top New Power List

    By WENN| Saturday, April 08, 2006

    HOLLYWOOD - Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks have topped the latest Ulmer Scale, which annually lists the 10 most bankable actors in Hollywood.

    Former columnist James Ulmer, who compiles the hot list every year, insists the Toms have kept the likes of Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney off the top because film fans will pay to see them do just about anything.

    Ulmer quips, "Tom Hanks could stand on his head and, in Swahili, quote the Koran (Islam's holy book), and someone would pay $100 million for that movie--ditto for Tom Cruise."

    Ulmer insists his list is the most definitive way of tracking true star power because he spends 12 months looking at the form of over 1,000 stars.

    He scores the stars by surveying dozens of leading film buyers and sellers worldwide.

    Cruise tops the list, with Hanks coming in second and Jim Carrey third.
    Ulmer's latest list also includes Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Jude Law, while Julia Roberts and Kidman are the only actresses gracing the top 10.

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  7. Tom brings people in...look, we are talking about him!