Who is the inspiration behind Kate Winslet's The Reader?

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  1. i heard about the book and really enjoyed the movie. it was amazing to see what an impact she made on his life in such a short period of time. this was definately a great movie i stumbled upon. i went to the movies to watch something else and it was sold out so we had to wait for the next showing. we had about two hours to kill and i just said lets go in the reader, it was empty and at least we'll be able to talk. needless to say we did not speak at all during the movie, it was just that good. kate was excellent and the boy who who played her love interest was so convincing, i kept thinking OMG what if they get caught.
  2. I saw this movie last night and LOVED it, really good film and they kept it very tasteful... albeit all of the nudity. Kate Winslet does a great job!
  3. Here is my question. Why did the boy become so traumatized by Winslet's character that he was incapable of having a lasting relationship with a woman during his later life? So she picked up and left and didn't tell him, so? He was already a head case by the time he saw her at the trial. I liked the movie very much, but I just had difficulty understanding this.
  4. SPOILER:::
    I always thought that he was SO in love with her as she basically taught him everything about love, women, life, sex etc that he seemingly knew and when she just left him he was so sad and traumatized.. she was the only "friend" he ever had..

    It also seemed that he was mad at her when it came to the trials because there was a scene in the train where he was talking with his classmates about the trial and he said it was "revenge"... not only for the victims she tortured but revenge for him...
  5. My mom just saw this movie and she said she was bawling during it. It seems like a great film but I'm not sure if I want to see it or not.
  6. Kiss Me, I saw a thing on cable last night about the movie and nowhere is there any hint of an explanation for his adult behavior. I understand why he acted the way he did as an adult about not going to visit her, but his affair with her should not have made him incapable of having a trusting relationship with anyone later. Sadder to me was that his relationship with his own daughter suffered. The poor girl went thru life thinking she had done something and it was him the entire time. Also did not get why he never returned home for his father's funeral. I have the feeling that it may be explained in the book. Perhaps he felt his parents looked the "other way" when the Nazi madness was going on. What did his father do in the war? They portrayed them as living well in a nice apartment. Another dysfunctional family?
  7. I think the reason he gave his mother was explanation enough: it was too difficult for him to return to his hometown given his history there.
  8. Yes, I know the affair should not have made him incapable of having a relationship (wife/GF) or loving anyone (daughter) later on in his life.. but the film and small part of the book that Ive browsed made it appear so.. yes, its not common of normal human nature, but im saying that the way this character was written made it seem like his whole life was totally consumed by this woman... He even kept making her tapes up until she died.. its like he always only wanted to go back to that part of his life with her..
  9. I think he came to recognize that he was a victim of sexual abuse and that is why he was so emotionally scarred. When their affair started, she was 35 and he was 15.
  10. I don't think that he was a victim of anything but his male adolescent hormones.
  11. i read this book, but i saw that the film had mixed reviews, despite kate winslet's surely amazing performance.

    it seems like you guys recommend it. should i see it?
  12. I too stumbled into this movie on accident! Was going to see TAKEN but watched this because I ran late...LOVED IT! I cried in many scenes and it really made me re-think my judgements (like when it comes to judging people). Also, I though David Kross deserves an award...he's so young and he did such a great job in this movie!!!
    Ralph FIennes didnt capture me completely...I kinda hated him for messing up his daughters' life (in the movie!).


  13. TIA about David Kross. I thought he stole the movie! He is only 18!!! Can you imagine what a great actor he will be when he is older? TIA about Ralph Fiennes as well. I have always been a fan of his, but in this movie I thought he was playing a character he has done before and he was pretty much wasted here. Yes the relationship with his daughter was odd to me and really is not explained. What his feelings for GF or spouse are as opposed to a child should be quite different. He should be feeling unconditional love for his child. This man has ISSUES!
  14. from the comments about the movie, it seems like they really played up, or even created, the idea that his relationship with this woman was basically an endurance of sexual abuse. in the book, there was no hint of that, at all. sure, she shaped much of his life that followed, but never was it in a damaging sense. and there was no strange relationship with his daughter. only the unfortunately common occurrence of divorce...

    i'm thinking that perhaps the writers and filmmakers added that element into the film, because it surely wasn't in the book. perhaps to make the character carry an even heavier cross into his adulthood, not one that was simply a changing experience, but a complex and even damaging one. that, or they felt it was far more PC for american and english audiences to see a child and an adult in that kind of relationship as wrong, with damaging effects (which it is, and does have, i'm just saying the book doesn't seem to concern itself with whether it was right or wrong).