Who is the HH Woman/HHHottie?

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  1. Dear Hotties-- I was inspired by the BCAT video of Ben & Toni describing the HH woman they design for... kept thinking, that is SO me!

    As per a similar thread on the RM subforum, thought we could say a bit about ourselves here - our jobs and lives and travel plans (a big HH focus) or anything you think is relevant- to help define who a HHottie really is!

    :heart: jandelvis
  2. LOL, jan, I was kinda waiting for you to start things off...

    I'm originally from Chicago, with stints in Bergamo, Italy, and Austin Texas, on the way to Portland, where I've been for the past 8 years.

    I was with my DH for 27 years. Sadly, he passed away last summer at age 54, after a long battle with cancer. I spent the last 3 years being his primary caretaker. I miss him immensely, but we have 2 really great teenagers, a boy and a girl.

    I'm an artist (painting, but mostly pencil drawing the last few years). I have degrees in anthropology/art history and a masters in clinical social work, but I've really wanted to be an artist since I was about 15. So I went back to art school (I was a studio art major in college until I switched to anthro, it's a long story) about 10 years ago. I have always loved great design and good fashion (not so much haute couture stuff as individual/quirky style).

    My lovely, lovely in-laws are sending me and my kids on a month-long trip to Europe next summer. It's really given me something to look forward to and plan for-- I'm so excited to be going back!
  3. I'm originally from Georgia Republic. I split my time between MN & Italy. I work as a language translator for an insurance company. I travel 2-3 times a month. I have a degree in Sex and Drug Health and Behavior (fancy way of saying counselor) and I'm thinking about school again.
    I'm married with no kids. I've been with my DH for 10 yrs and married for 3 yrs. We have 2 dogs and a cat. I run NA meetings for teens so I consider them My kids (only when they behave well, LOL)
    I have allot of hobbies... Crafts of the moment, Fencing, Movies, Music & Ice climbing (I'm leaving for Pakistan in a couple of months here for some awesome climbing)
    I'm not very stylish (well at least my clothes aren't but my handbags are) I love fun patterns and bold colors.
  4. I am 21 and finishing my last semester at school to get a B.S. in Biochemistry. I am originally from western Massachusetts, but did a stint in New Hampshire and lived in Spain for a year after high school.

    I work as a retail buyer for a store my parents own in Spain (where my mom is from). I travel quite a bit, both to Spain and to many other European countries to work with reps from various suppliers or to find new ones. I spend all summer pretty much flying all over the world, but mostly to France/Italy/Germany/UK. I recently returned from a week in London (well, I mostly saw the inside of Harrod's, my favorite store on the entire Earth).

    Hobbies include horseback riding, snowboarding, and between my job and school, that's pretty much all I have time for.
  5. Oh wow, cool thread. Pasdedeux, what an interesting life you've had! Same with you Lulu, wow, my life has been so mundane compared to you guys! Fafnir, I guess then that your avatar is one of your creations? Wow, such talented people here. My bio isn't going to wow anyone. Also fafnir, my condolences on your loss. Your in laws sound lovely to be so supportive of you.

    Okay, I've been married to my husband for 20 years, as of two days ago. Our anniversary kind of went unnoticed this year because our youngest son has been so ill since Thanksgiving. He's hopefully on the road to recovery after 3 back to back doctor visits, and was diagnosed with a really bad case of strep. Hoping that's it, that also doesn't have mono.

    We have another son who moved out in August and I miss him terribly. He didn't go far, only 8 miles but still, I really miss not having him under our roof. He has such fun friends and would have them over here often and I miss them too.

    We have 4 cats, my avatar is Smokey our 15 month old dilute tortie Persian and 13 chickens and 5 goats. One of the goats is begging to become the next (Emerald) goat Corcovado, as he's developed quite a bad attitude towards people, turning somewhat aggressive.

    I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of California, then spent more than half my life in Santa Cruz. Four and a half years ago we moved to Northern Utah where we've been ever since. No, we're not Mormon, as that's what seems to bring most people here. We moved here so my husband could snowboard.
  6. A man after my own heart! I keep hoping to meet one of these when I go snowboarding in france/gstaad/italy while on business but so far, no luck!
  7. This is really cool :tup:

    I am 40 years old, though I am usually pegged for early to mid 30's. I do believe in mild Botox due to a huge crease where I furrow my brow. It was fine to have it when I was obviously young, but at 40, it just looked like a big wrinkle LOL

    I am from the US, but spent 10 years living in Denmark with my Danish Hubby before moving to Australia almost 2 years ago. I have travelled to all 7 continents and took my 1st son to Antartica when he was 7 months old. Before kids, I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal as a volunteer teacher and also taught in Cairo, Egypt while being certified to teach English as a 2nd language. I rode a horse through the sands around the great pyramids in the middle of the night. It was amazing...anything is possible in Egypt with enough bribery. No offence to any Egyptians, I absolutely adored the place and even picked up some Arabic in my time there. I continue to travel with 2 boys aged 5 and 3. They are both well seasoned travellers at this point and have their own carry on luggage LOLOL We have no family here in Oz, so we go back to Europe now and again. We also spend time in Singapore. We don't get to the US very often, but I fly my mom and my sis over every year to visit me wherever I am at that time.

    I haven't worked for anyone but myself in 10 years. I currently design and sell baby carriers and spend any free time painting. I studied to be a travel journalist, but later realised I was crap at writing. I can tell a story and people will be on the edge of their seat or rolling with laughter, but I can never translate it to the page. Oh well, c'est la vie :smile:
  8. ^Oh man travelmom, that night time ride on horseback sounds so cool.
  9. Jan, I thought the same thing when I watched the video. They pegged us - me, certainly. What is even funnier is that my sister laughed when she watched it and said I am a morph of Ben & Toni. I will ramble on in "geekdom" but I throw myself into design. Fafnir, I also wanted to be an artist when I "grew up", but since I am just now getting to be that... that must mean it took me till now to grow up... or at least get to the point where I no longer listen to others tell me what/whom I should be. An inherant trait amongst HHHotties - unapologetically know who you are (and don't buy to put another's label on you). I now get to mark that 50+ circle on every survey. We'll leave it at that.

    I have degrees in art, architecture, & business. I have two masters in theology and ministry and a doctorate in theology. My ministry studies focused on counseling. I have worked as an architect (10 years), a builder and land developer (15 years), a jewelry designer owning my own studio (10 years) and a creative director recently promoted to marketing director (15 years). My life is hectic and busy mixing 3 jobs. One in marketing, one in media ministry, and one working on developing my own web-marketing business.

    I would have to say my work is my hobby. I am blessed to be doing things I love, so work never feels like work. I also love photography, oil painting, reading for fun and for study. Yes, I do love to research and study. It is probably the result of being raised by two schoolteachers. My parents were team teachers together 10 years before they had their first child. Mom taught grades 1-4, and Dad taught grades 5-8. This was at a time when a woman could not earn more than a man, so the Wisconsin school board made Dad principal of the school (with teaching staff of TWO) and paid him $15 more a week.

    I get to do a lot of photography in my job, so my HH bags have to accomodate photography equipment, story boards and files. Moreover, my HH bags have to handle all the stuff I need for wearing 4 hats - my 3 jobs and my daily needs as a caretaker for my senior parents. Which brings me to the subject of travel. I traveled a lot in my early years, now I mostly travel from home by the coastline to a private, personal retreat on 50 acres I own in the middle of nowhere, Florida. There I can study and create, undisturbed by clients. I can also give the dogs plenty of run and play time there. Typical of HHHotties, my dogs are family members. I don't travel abroad for now. As I said earlier, I have the care of my senior parents who are in their mid-80s. Blessedly, they are in good health for their years, though we have dealt with three hospital stays this year for mother - so I understand the load our gingeybear is carrying right now. So for now, since travel involves coordinating multiple walkers and med schedules, it is kept minimal and local.

    I was born in Wisconsin, lived in Indiana and Ohio. In 1969 we moved to paradise along the Emerald Coast on the Florida panhandle. When is snow country, I ice-skated and did snowboarding. I have to say, I prefer sunshine now. And, we do have snowboarding after a fashion. Here you wax a surfboard and take it down the crystal white sand dunes. However, it is a courageous sport because when you whipe out you can get some serious raspberry burns from the sand. Needless to say, that I did in my school days. Not now. Ouch.
  10. Oh, forgot one thing. As you can tell from my grievously long posts, I have been both a writer and an editor in earlier days. I have had 6 design books published and I did editing for my sister's novels. I love words and will try to be briefer with them in the future.
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    Well, I'm 48. Gonna be 49 in just a couple weeks. Been doing calligraphy/pen & ink work since I was a kid. First 'internship' was working for a sign painter in Oklahoma back in the mid-to-late 70s - now, you want HOT work? Nothing like being up on scaffolding during 90 degree + sunny days painting giant letters on a billboard. My first 'paid' sign job was when I was working for an attorney as a legal secretary - I made his door sign and got paid a whopping $7.00. I think I still have a copy of the check.

    In the 80s, after experiencing the aftermath of a tornado and volunteering to be a radio dispatcher for the local law guys and emergency responders, I discovered my second true love, which was that of police radio dispatching. Did that for a number of years, both in OK and MN.

    Somewhere in that time I discovered personal computers. So, artwork and computers (and reading, too) became hobbies.

    Skip forward: Now I am a technology specialist (read: Computer Geek) for the highest court in MN. Do graphic design/pen & ink/calligraphy on the side (as well as keep a 'stable' of desperate computer clients from when I had my own computer business - they wouldn't let me close down completely), and continue reading, hanging out at tPF, and loving Hayden-Harnett.

    The first Hayden-Harnett bag I fell in love with but never bought (at the time) will be here early next week, so the circle is complete. That would be the Hudson Hobo. I'm getting it in black.

    I don't travel. I love great design and functionality. Never cared for name brands but always 'appreciated' the name - the designer, so to speak. I have written 99% of a book, keep a journal, love the English language, and couldn't see the point of a modem back in 1992 when they first came out, but ate my words within 12 months of that statement. The Internet literally changed my life. I moved 800 miles, lost 80 pounds, divorced my husband (at the time), and gave up a job of 13 years because of the Internet. LOL.

    So - I've got the whole left-brain/right-brain thing going - don't travel - can't imagine I'm Hayden-Harnett's target consumer - but I've got an OMG Closet to prove that I must be.

    EDIT: I have a husband and a cat and a house and a Mini Cooper. I am set for life.:yes:

    SECOND EDIT: I would love to travel to Ireland for my 50th birthday. Yes, my maternal grandmother came 'over on the boat', so they say. I'm afraid when I go I won't want to come back.
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    This is so funny - I wasn't going to say anything about myself but I also am getting a degree in Anthropology, minoring in Art History. I am on the fence about going to get a PhD in anthro, so I'm taking a year off after I graduate and hoping to get a job in journalism (I also edit a progressive student paper) or a museum.

    My mom is a clinical social worker and I have also been thinking recently about getting my master's in social work, since I think it is such a great career for giving back to people! So I may also look into that field to see where I want to focus. It just seemed too much of a coincidence that these are the three fields you have worked in as well.

    As for traveling - I've been to Europe and Latin America, and while I adore traveling, I realize it may not be something I can afford to do as often as I would like. However, a career in anthropology is appealing because it does require a lot of traveling, and not just the "touristing" kind. I would like to travel some in the next year but am so broke right now that it's going to be the very, very cheap kind of backpacking! And not with an HH bag, lol.
  13. india - pack a large bag because when my hubby and I went years ago, we didn't want to come back. You will absolutely fall in LOVE with the Emerald Isle.

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    Ah, the avatar is by Gustav Dore, but he has strongly influenced my own work, and it's one of my favorites... but that gives me an idea.. if I can scan a higher-quality pic of one of my drawings, I'll use it as an avatar.

    And thank you for the condolences.

    IloveHH, that's so interesting! There must be a lot of crossover in those 3 fields. I know of other artists who also became therapists and/or art therapists. And I too, would love to work in a museum (I worked in a university museum as an undergrad and loved it).
  15. fafnir--i'm so sorry to hear about your dh. your post impressed me in how you are able to see the positive and the good despite the tremendous loss. it's a quality that i'm struggling to master and admire deeply in others. the trip to europe sounds fantastic. we'll be sure to help advise you on which HH's to bring.

    travelmom -- how fantastic that your boys are being trained in wanderlust! their childhood memories will be the stuff of storybooks! i went to Copenhagen last summer for the 1st time. design-heaven! I went nuts for the Danish Design Center and the bike culture and the PASTRIES. OMG.

    Cindy -- you made me LOL and choke with your backyard raw material for Emerald Goat part deux!

    India -- a police dispatcher?!?!? I can totally see how that would be an awesome fit for you... but you never cease to surprise me nonetheless! :nuts:

    RMcoy -- I saw all your degrees and wondered how in the heck they all fit together, and then I saw that you have managed to work them ALL in professionally! I'm just headed out into the work force after a long hiatus in grad school and you're an inspiration for me to try to really blend the seemingly incongruous skills I have.

    pasdedeux -- i'm from MA too! love the Berkshires -- are you from there? went to williamstown/north adams last summer for vaca, loved it!

    i love HH! -- it's a great time to travel now with lots of flight deals and some currencies being better matched to the US dollar (Iceland comes to mind! And Scandinaiva, but the dollar is even doing better vs. the Euro last time I checked). BF and I went to Argentina 3 yrs ago and lived like kings b/c the dollar was so strong against the Arg currency... I think it still is in fact.