Who is the fraud???

  1. BTW....I am still totally freaking about hgbags on Ebay...what should I do???
  2. There have been a rash of photo stealers for the last few days.
    Unless it is a seller we all can trust, I'm steering clear.
    Ebay is pissing me off and to be honest I think I will PAY full price for NOW on with these B-Bags in the store..Ebay is getting BAD with these FAKES..I thought LV and chanel were bad but MY GOD these fake Bags ARE LOOKING so good IT GETS ME MAD..so mad..Feedback means NOTHING anymore..don't get me wrong it helps SOMETIMES but lately it means POOP!!!!!!!!
  4. The burgundy above is real, (not the one with the stolen pictures from
    China) I bought my turquoise 2005 first from her 2 weeks ago, it came
    with the original receipt (not a copy), tags, etc. It was in perfect condition and completely authentic. She is really nice to work with.
  5. that is horrible!!!!!

    i was thinking about that one, but now dont know who to trust. i think the ebay thing is over for me for awhile. rather pay full retail and have a piece of mind. For the fees they charge, you would think they could monitor the site better.

    oh well, it was nice while it lasted