who is the fairest old lady of them all?

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  1. box and barenia, from what i've read, age the best.
    they are valued for their patina, as well as their response to a little reconditioning.
    any other leathers come close to aging as well?
  2. Oh, HiHeels! When I read the title "who is the fairest old lady of them all?" my answer was immediately: "me!" LOL!! You mean leather.... :roflmfao:
  3. Two other leathers that I've seen age very well are peau porc, vache natural, and cuir de Russie. Peau porc and cuir de Russie are no longer available. Vache natural is still around, but not a leather for the faint-hearted. This one will stain and scratch easily, darken at the handles quickly, but will develop a patina beautifully. The spots and stains are just part of the character. Peau porc is durable, develops a light patina, and is scratch proof. Cuir de Russie I've seen in collections dating as far back as 1929. I've seen it in a natural grain and embossed. From the pieces I've seen this is one durable leather.
  4. And I bet I'm still older than you.:graucho:
  5. No, my dear. I am fairly certain that I AM older than you. ;) Here's a hint - have been an attorney since the 1980s....

    BTW, I love porc leather! I saw a friend's gold porc Kelly. It was gorgeous!
  6. Dang! You win!!! Coulda fooled me by what I've seen of ya'!:flowers:

    Yeah, I love my porc!!!! *oink*