Who is the "Face" of Coach???

  1. soo i was looking through some old coach catalogs that I have, and noticed that the same girl has always is usually on the cover. THe one who's holding the gigantic perfume bottle. Hmmm it made me wonder who she is. I tried google but nothing showed up. So my question is who is she? What makes Coach want her again and again??? And I wonder if she gets insane discounts, or better yet free bags. Just a thought.
  2. I'm sure she gets free bags. Shes probably the daughter or granddaughter of somebody high up.
  3. This girl is the Coach girl

    I don't think she's that pretty. They need someone new.
    I vote for Lacey Chabert to be the next model for Coach.
  4. i agree about lacey c !

    haha it rhymes !
  5. Lacey Chabert would be soooooo good....
  6. i sooooo agree!!!!!!!!!!!

    she probably owns every bag already!
  7. I think Ashley Judd would be a great face for Coach. Or Reese Witherspoon. There's something so wholesome and all-American about them. I'd also love to see Kerry Washington as a Coach gal. =)
  8. i vote lacey she totally wins with that scarf in her hair!
  9. She's a new york socialite, and I think also helped planned the huge Legacy party in NY with the other socialites featured. I'm not 100% sure, but fairly certain.
  10. Mandy Moore is the face of Coach Japan! I love our Coach girl though, I was mad when they mixed it up last summer and added new people! haha
  11. I really like the myserious "Coach girl". She's so pretty, her look can vary from whimsical to seriousness. She does not have that "high fashion" look but she is perfect for what I think Coach aims to strive for in their advertisements - sophistication and class with a touch of America's apple pie. :flowers:
  12. I like the mysterious Coach girl as well, for the same reasons petitemn does. I'm jealous of all the free bags she must get!
  13. :yes: I agree.. that mysterious coach girl has a classic look. I think she is simple, pretty, classic, and very elegant.
  14. ding ding. :yes:

    and she has amazing eyes IMO.
  15. I like the Coach Girl. I think she's very pretty but I can see others as the 'face of Coach'....Scarlett Johansen, Kerri Washington (as someone else mentioned)... Liya Kebede would also be perfect....She's the Gap Model and has so many other contracts..