Who is the cook?

  1. Who is the cook in your family you or your partner?
  2. my husband....he makes an awesome pot roast...
  3. Neither...but we are truly blessed to have a live-in helper who IS the cook!! Just one perk of living in Hong Kong!!
  4. Both but different types of cuisine. BF does Indian, I do Chinese and a bit of Filipino, Japanese and Thai. We both do American and Italian and the junk food category.
  5. My husband....I don't even know how to boil water...LOL
  6. Me....I do ALL the cooking! Dh does know how to cook a few things. But he works alot...and I'm a SAHM. So that's part of my job.:yes: The good thing is, I get wkends off! LOL!!! We go out to dinner on the wkends...and I choose the restaurant 98% of the time! Heehee! :P
  7. Mainly me, but it's ok....I love to cook.
  8. My mom! I still live with my parents. However, if my mom is coming late for work, then my dad starts cooking for my brother and I.
  9. i am the main cook although bf cooks breakfast for me on Satudays, which I appreciate a great deal..
  10. It's funny. We never discuss it. At some point during the mid-afternoon or evening one of us just goes into the kitchen and starts cooking. I will say that he cooks way more often than I do but it's just never brought up. Same with doing the dishes afterwards. One of us will just go in and do them. It's been that way for years.
  11. It's me. My husband would rather pick through the garbage than pick up a pan. Unfortunately, I'm only a mediocre cook and am usually too tired to do anything fancy!
  12. i can cook, but i hate to...so i guess it's me, but we usually eat out. i'm just too tired to bother after working all day.
  13. He is...I can barely fry an egg. But we prefer to eat out!
  14. He is.......Sometimes i do. I guess we take turns.
  15. none- i cant cook neither can so