Who is *STILL* crazy about the miroir esp. the speedy?

  1. I'm going this afternoon to pick what apparently is the last silver miroir speedy in the country...but I don't really know if I really want it or not:sad: :shrugs:

    I need opinions ladies (and gents)!
  2. I was offered a silver speedy last week but declined...I know for me one miroir item it enough I am concentrating on new s/s items;)
  3. If you don't really, really want it I would say leave it and wait for the release of the new items. I am still crazy about the gold pap though, prefer the pap in this line to the speedy. ( don't have one but still love 'em.)

  4. pinki!!!!

    Did you miss me:p

    The pleaty clutch is cute! Some of them is cute but I don't really think they're doing that much for me (probably coz of the price:rolleyes: ). I might see how I like them IRL.

    I think the only reason why I'm considering getting the speedy is that 'its the last one in the country', and I'm scared that I might regret not getting it and kick myself for having to pay double the price for one on eBay!
  5. i say if you are going the eBay route if you don't get it, then go ahead and snatch it up! you could always resell it if you don't like it ;)
  6. Maybe you should get it? I mean if it's the last one...I love mine alot and it's a piece you'll cherish forever if you really love it. Sure, there's new stuff coming you can get too, but this is just so different. I dunno, if I didn't have one already, and got the chance to get it, I'd go for it...I'm a nut for the Speedy style anyways though, lol. I even still want the Gold Papillon, lol. I didn't think the Miroir line would get to me so much, but I guess it did =/
  7. ME! I want a Mirroir speedy so bad!
  8. Yeah... Of course I missed you!:p Did you see ALL the bags:confused1:
  9. guess you'll have to talk to Misty about this :graucho:
  10. Umz...I saw the ones in that post?

    And they're doing nothing to me pinki, absolutely nothing at all:crybaby:

    But then again that might be a good thing:p
  11. I know, pinkiwhatever! lol!
  12. pigleto972001: :yes: I think I will take your advice, and resell it if it doesn't seduce me by the end of the week:p

    GayleLV: I have the gold pap, and I agree with you, it is truely TDF:love:

    pinki: You're sooooo bad! You make me laugh:p :lol:

  13. hmmm... So the Monogram Premium and the Epi Montaigne don't speak to you?

    Then you better grab that last Speedy cause you're getting these ladies hopes up. :lol::lol::lol:

  14. If you don't love it then I would pass and offer it to someone on the list that really wants it ... i think the pap is a good choice for miroir:yes: