Who is shopping with you today?

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  1. So I read someone say we should start a start a thread for our LVs at Walmart.

    Let's expand it to any store, but it just so happens....I'm at Walmart, with my Croisette

    Where are you shopping and who is with you?

  2. no pic, because I'm already back home....but my Mon Mono Speedy 30 went grocery shopping today!
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    DE Eva is my usual shopping partner. Especially grocery shopping and when I have my little ones with me. ETA - back home now but I was grocery shopping at Meijer today with miss Eva.
  4. Speedy 30 with my new Laduree Charm today! flickr.com/photos/pickypalate/26371493494/in/album-72157667805132842/
  5. OMG hilarious and Yes!!!
  6. I wish I was shopping but Delightful was with me in my office today!!!!!
  7. I'm going to do the reverse, I was shopping at LV with my new B.
  8. I am so sad for your croisette. I quit going to Walmart 4 years ago. Literally haven't stepped into one in 4 years . Target is sooo much calmer.
  9. I was at Target with my DA NF MM with RB, but carried on my shoulder the whole time because after watching specials about them wiping down carts at places and all the stuff they found, I get paranoid about putting my bags in there! lol. Maybe I should bring a barrier to set down so then I can put my bag in the cart without stress. Anyone ever do this? lol
  10. I had a wardrobe change mid-day. Do you all do that too? I use multiple bags in one day. Maybe I'm crazy...no...I am definitly crazy. :smile:

    Anyway...bought a few Sift cupcakes for my DH's pre-birthday birthday...Battle Royale, Peach Bellini and Snickerdoodle. I switched from my Electric Epi Amla to my Cluny BB in Rose Ballerine in the process. I didn't get my DH any LV this year. MontBlanc for him, instead. :love:

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  11. I change bags mid day all the time. I feel like each one of my bags HAS To be worn at some point. I didn't buy museum pieces.

    Your Cluny BB is gorge!

  12. Walmart is closer for me. Honestly I'm more of an Amazon type girl. I guess my next shot will be next to my keyboard.
  13. My Empreinte Speedy and I at the liquor store! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463254157.887225.jpg
  14. Great photo!! :woot:My cart would be full though. :shame:
  15. This was when I first got in the store. You should have seen it when I left 🏼