Who is she????

  1. Please tell me who she is. She looks like a doll!

    Amanda Lepore
  2. oh my, that is a lot of surgery.
  3. actually isn't that the woman that is "known" for having literally the most cosmetic surgery. I think I saw her on Larry King a few years ago
  4. OMG! She doesn't look normal!:lol:
  5. her Boobies look like as if they are gonna fall out soon!!
  6. She is one the scariest people I have ever seen, talk about overboard. :sick:
  7. I just saw her on tv as well...she/he/it has a real young boyfriend as well...I mean real young

    She may even beat that catwoman!
  8. creepy...
  9. I think I saw her on Maury Povich one day when I was channel surfing. She supposedly has had over 300 cosmetic surgeries, but she hasn't even had the surgery to become completely female.
  10. Its actually a guy !!!
  11. Oh thats definately going to be my next avatar!


  12. Porn star jumped to mind immediately, but Swanky cleared that up, lol.
  13. I think I'll stick with my purse addiction thnx.
  14. ummmmm thats going to give me nightmares
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