Who is ready for Spring to arrive?

  1. I am! I'm in the East Coast and today was a whopping high of 20 degrees but with the wind chill factor, it was more like 12. It's about 7 degrees now and the weather for tomorrow is light snow showers/rain and in the evening will turn into sleet & freezing rain through to Wednesday morning. The rest of the week will be showers and in the low 40's. Ugh! I'm so tired of this weather and want to get away to somewhere warm and balmy. :hysteric:
  2. I am so ready! The wind chill is horrible.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more!
  4. AUGH! You have NO idea! It was WAY below Zero yesterday and I think only a high of 9 today - woohoo :sad:
    I started a new job so I don't have any vacation time to take yet either and I soooo want to get away someplace, anyplace!!!
  5. UGH.......I am so waiting for spring!! I hate WINTER!

    NJ weather STINKS!LOL!
  7. I am so ready too. I grew up in the dessert so I hate rain and cold weather. I serouisly do, it depress me.
  8. I absolutely cannot wait for spring!! Im so sick of nasty freezing always -10C weather and I want to wear skirts, tank tops, peep toes, etc! I am so sick of wearing my UGGs! (love them, but come on!)
  9. I'm sick and tired of this cold weather. its really getting old and annoying.

    bring on the beautiful weather!! I should have went to the west indies this winter. cold weather is the pits
  10. me me me! I can't wait for bright colours and dresses and sandals! and gardening and sunshine... lol
  11. Totally ready! For the last few days its been -19 C here and that is Brrr. With the wind its been -29. That is just a tad too cold for me. I am so ready for summer and enjoying the patio :smile:
    I have a new summer bag sitting in the closet just waiting for a nice sunny bright day :smile:
  12. Today in my area of CT we'll be having a high of 2 degrees! Beach anyone?!

    I hate winter. I want spring so baddd:crybaby:
  13. I am! So ready for some sunshiiiiiiiiiine!
  14. I cant wait but, its snowing outside now....LOL
  15. Can't wait for warm weather, but its so busy on flighs because of spring break!