Who is ready for a thursday reveal?

  1. Who is ready for a thursday reveal?
  2. Me!
  3. me too....
  4. :snack:
  5. After deliberating for a whole...3 seconds, I finally caved in and purchased this beauty on EBay. Any wild guesses?
  6. I am waiting.....:couch:
    :storm::storm: here
  7. Mmmmm...love Chanel boxes!!!
  8. Something in pearly beige?
  9. Not a very good representation of the actual colour...although the hardware is a pretty good match :smile:
  10. Open it....
  11. Yay! Can't wait!
  12. Nope! :smile:
  13. reveal!! mini in patent fuschia??
  14. Another clue :smile:
  15. Oooohh like the colour!