Who is planning on attending the BalNY trunk show?

  1. It's Wed, May 16th from 4-7pm. (I hope I have the right info!!!).

    I would LOVE to attend although I'm not sure if I will be able to swing it. I'm going to try though- does anyone want to babysit two darling children??? :p
  2. i'd love to go as well but may have the same kid issue...:hrmm:
  3. i'm totally there! bringing my SO. i'm trying to decide what bag to bring! LOL.
  4. I will be there. Hope I can finagle out of work early enough....
  5. I'm coming ... all the way from Kansas... believe it or not. ;)
  6. from Kansas?!
  7. Yea fiatflux! You are my idol! I would love to hop on a plane and spend a few days in NY! Have a great time and please give us a full report! :smile:
  8. Fiatflux, I would totally love to join you all the way from Kansas too, but I have to be in Boston the very next day and I already had plane tickets from Kansas City that I couldn't cancel. I hope you enjoy the show, please report back.

    Also, I hope you haven't had any damage down in your part of KS, so far, we've just had a lot of rain and a little hail.
  9. I'd like to try and pop in after work!

    Of course much thought now goes into which bag I'll wear lol!!! It will probably be 03 caramel city or classic 04 black city.

    Its a shame there's no way of discreetly spotting TPF members :sneaky:
  10. Possibly. A friend and I are thinking about it,:idea: will decide tomorrow. First we need to RSVP and be CERTAIN we can get in.
  11. Me!!!!

    There will be food and drinks!
  12. Me too.:yahoo:
  13. I'm going!
  14. Oh, how I wish I could fly home all the way from Sydney for my beloved Balenciaga Trunk Show!!! :crybaby:

    ...alas, I'd just have to sit tight and wait for everyone's report.

    Have fun everyone!!!
  15. hmmm.....i wuld love to attend but it's too faraway.......sigh....:sad: :sad: