Who is on the Mirage Speedy waitlist??

  1. After looking at the post today from the girl who got the black Mirage Speedy I called and got on the waitlist...I know some of you have been on the list for a while, but what have you all been hearing?? My SA said her list is not very long and I should get one next week. She said the shipments are coming in!!! BTW, is this the 30 size or what??
  2. <-----moi, since May...

    This is what I found out today:

    -to be released on Sept. 15th. Stores have them, but you can't take them home until that date.

    -retail price is now $1870, more than originally priced.

    -size is approx around the "30" size, limited editions may not be EXACT to the specs of a mono speedy 30, but close.
  3. God, I hope I get one!! And what is with the conflicting reports about the seam at the bottom?! So weird!! I kind of hope it has it so the sag is minimized...
  4. I just did the math on that.....with my 7% sales tax in my state.....OMG!
    It does seem alot for a speedy...yikes !!!!

    Seam or no seam, I better NOT find that thing on Elux next week !!!!!!!!
  5. I am, I am and I am so getting antsy!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  6. i have never been a fan of the speedy in any variation, but after seeing pictures of the mirage, i think i may start to change my mind about the speedy, it is quite beautiful.
  7. My sa said that they'll be getting it very soon and I'm the first one on the waitlist. Price here in Norway is 10,100 nok.
  8. I'm on the waitlist here for black....can't wait!!!!!! I'm dying for this bag!
  9. I am waiting for mine too, I really want it, I just don't want to pay for it!
  10. i've been waitlisted since may i think. what i have heard:

    - release still set for sept 15
    - price is $1750 (note: hawaii price)
    - size is a 30
  11. ^^^ ugh, lucky, ours is $100+ more it looks like. ugh i have to work the 15th. this sucks. i MAY be able to get there by sunday...hmmm...

    hope hope hope i can get this bag on that day...i have worked so hard to save up the amount i need to pay (it's a b-day present i have to help pay for) and i am praying my parents don't balk at the price when they see the sales tax added... :s
  12. Not me. I wish I was getting one. They are gorgeous.
  13. I've already put a 50% deposit down... I can't wait!:yahoo:
  14. I agree they are just gorgeous! But I just can't... not for a speedy.
  15. Unfortunately, I'm not on the wait list for this one ..... I really wish I was but I am flat out broke.

    I'll just wait :girlsigh: and drool :drool: over all the pictures that get posted.