Who is on ban island after all the pre-price increase purchases ?

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  1. +2 :P
  2. Ok, but pleeease tell me to return some! Lol
    I bought 2 nvf gms da and de, a mon mono speedy b 40, a speedy b 30 de, a speedy b 35 da., pochette accessory nm de, mono cles, and a cosmetic gm da for my bff's 40th bday. Oye..I also bought the lv charm, but dont like it so thats def going back. Help me...im an lv addict.

    Ps not all in one day... this was over 2 weeks. Post binge shame :s

    Not mentioning my 2 pre-loved purchases... (more shame)
  3. #33 Mar 6, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
    Since Last summer I bought the totally da mm, speedy emp b 30 infini, mono Josephine wallet in red, de cles, de mini pochette, Lumi pm in black, amethyst cles, secret long Empreinte wallet aube, compact curieuse wallet infini, LV logo gold colored charm, de pm cosmetic pouch,and mono retiro pm. After my de totally mm I have on reserve I will be banned all year!
  4. Ban is such an ugly word. LOL. Can I say I'm content instead? I wasn't going to buy anything this year because I have what I feel is enough (10 bags, 2 wallets, lots of SLG's) and then BAM my dream bag Speedy 30 in Black. Had to have her. Got her. Now hoping nothing else screams to me until next Spring when DH and I visit Paris for the first time. DH says I can get any bag I want in Paris. That promise and my new bag have me very content for now! :smile:
  5. i'm here for a little while. i should be a permanent resident but the new de totally is calling me in for a swim offshore........and then there is the lilas cosmetic. oh boy. can i be a part time resident?
  6. Wow ! You guys got a lot :smile:
  7. Me!
    But I love seeing all the reveals.

    My local LV is remodeling by mothers day and I am hoping to get something special when they reveal the new boutique look.
  8. I got Alma bb vernis, speedy 30 in monogram and order speedy b 30 mon mono in 3 weeks. 1 each week and it's my 1st LV purchase. The bags are so adorable and addicting..now I know what ban island is for. I'll try my best to be on the ban island.