Who is on ban island after all the pre-price increase purchases ?

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  1. Not ban as much as I've run out of things on my short list! This year already:

    Pochette DE
    Cosmetic case in Mono
    Artsy Monogram
    Tapage charm
    Fleur de Monogram charm
    Multicolor Keys Holder
    Speedy Bandouliére 30 Empriente

    Pretty content at this point!
  2. #17 Mar 3, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
    I am. I'm not planning on buying anymore LV until late this year/next year (unless there's another price increase or the item(s) is discontinuing). :smile:
  3. I'm def on ban island. Between August and September I bought: Trevi, Speedy B 35, Zippy Organizer, GM Cosmetic Case, 2 Mini Pochettes, 2 Cles, and Tapage Charm... In January l bought: NF GM, another GM Cosmetic Case, the Louise Pumps, a wallet and Monte Carlo loafers for DH, plus I just bought a pre loved Mini Looping a few days ago... He bought me a Rolex for Vday so he said no new black artsy. I'm sad, but I have more then enough. I'm waiting patiently until I get the go ahead to purchase my UHG!!!
  4. Looks like I am not alone;)

  5. I love it, we also celebrate our "Birthday Month" :biggrin:
  6. Being on a Ban is like being on a Diet, as soon as I get on one I see so many tempting g things and I'm derailed :panic::panic:
  7. So banned but I think I have everything I want..........for now....
  8. I'm not really "banned", just "inactive" right now. Prior to the price increase, I bought a GM cosmetic bag and two bandeaus. I bought 4 bags and many slgs last year (my first year of LV!). So, I am planning the Emp Speedy B (likely 25) this summer, and that's about it. Maybe one more Curieuse wallet, but even that feels silly since I have 2 wallets and don't switch my bags out often.
  9. I am on a ban until the end of the year when I pay my car off!
  10. Make room for one more on the island! I have been out of control since December. I'm saving for my chanel maxi flap for my bday in August so nothing more til then. Just waiting on my last 3 items which come on Saturday. Atleast one is for my husband. Lol

  11. I feel the same way. It's horrible!
  12. LOL, "really need"? I like to use that term too!
  13. I was a glutton! I got all of the bags I've been wanting before the increase. I'm sooo banned. I am having some post binge guilt and feel like I should return some of what I bought. I'm embarrassed to list all that I purchased even.
  14. Now I'm dying to know, lol.:biggrin:

  15. +1