Who is on ban island after all the pre-price increase purchases ?

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  1. Although I did not purchase anything from the store before the price increase, I am on a ban until 2015........yup. Purchased 3 preloved and 1 new LVs in the past few months. I have to enjoy what I have for now. I hope to keep my promise to wait until next year to purchase again.:ban::panic:

    Who else ?
  2. Me! I have way over spent the last few months! Nothing new until next year.
  3. I'm on a long ban till (hmmm) :graucho: July! :smile: It's my birthday month and I expect smth nice, but I myself won' t pull the trigger :biggrin:
  4. :smile:))
  5. Me for sure after April when the DA Favorite comes out :*(
  6. I am on a long ban. My birthday is in October, but I don't think I will be getting anything this year :sad:
    I purchased vernis Alma (grand blue) and Speedy b 25 (infini) within a month. They were both irresistible!!
  7. I am on ban as well I bought Chanel GST, Celine phantom and a Alma in rose Angelique in the past 2 months!!! Definitely on banned till the new year :sad: and it's only march this will be a long year !
  8. Banning myself too. Please remind me of this if I start to slip. : )
  9. I said that many times and then I saw some pics of the upcoming bags and know that I have to break mt ban!
  10. I'd like to say I'm on a ban after purchasing my speedy empreinte, but u just never know. Lol
  11. I am on ban until the cruise collection is released...does that count?

    I bought such unnecessary things prior to the increase. I think I bought them just because there was a price increase coming. There was a point while I was at the store that my SA asked and commented "Is there something in the store that you really want? I think you have almost everything you want." It made me rethink my wants and future purchases. Perhaps ban island should be a destination that I should really consider. LOL
  12. I am on a ban for a really long time lol. Husband just told me he would let me save up for another charm though :biggrin: Does this still count as a ban?
  13. Definitely me! It's a self ban since I'm not married. I don't have to answer to anyone... well except my bf of like 6 years haha What he doesn't know doesn't hurt him.... right..... :graucho:
  14. I'm on ban island (again) lol! Hubby just got me the Alma BB in Pomme for V-Day and I'm still waiting on 2 slg's he ordered for me for our anniversary (pre-price increase). After these come in I'd say I'm done until my birthday...December. Unless I can convince him I NEED something before then, lol!😃
  15. I am on ban island for now. Hope I can persuade hubby I really "need" something LV for our Anniversary which is in July! :smile: