Who is more important than Reggie?


Nov 16, 2006
Not me!

Reggie is a bed hog.

Reggie has to sleep on the left side of the bed - facing the door.

When I take a little road trip (he always comes along) and door to the hotel room is on the opposite side of the bed than at home - Reggie can't sleep near the door on the wrong side so I have in the past turned upside down in the bed (head at the feet) so we can both sleep.

Friday it got hot here. When we went upstairs to go to bed. Reggie decided he wanted to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the AC - we have now traded sides in the bed.

(In case you don't know - Reggie is my Dog.)

Who is more important than Reggie? Obviously not me!


Apr 21, 2007
Aw, Reggie sounds fun. I always like to hear that there are other folks out there that put their animal companion's sleeping preferences ahead of their own. My two little cats take up more space in the bed than DH and me. LOL!