Who is Mizi????

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  1. This afternoon on the way home from lunch, I saw Asian girl with Mono Mizi. It's gorgeous, took my breath away.She just got out from a restaurant and we were in the car.
    I said " Oh..that's Mizi "[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] to DH
    DH asked " Who is Mizi ?? I laughed so hard [​IMG]and told him it's Louis...

    I wished I wasn't in the car, I would for sure give her nice complement for great taste on bag. I am sure she would be very happy.

    I always notice what bag people carry, not to judge or anything like that just habit.
  2. IT IS A GORGEOUS bag! I got tons of compliments on mine...I only carried it for a few months but it is made so well, and its soooooo roomy! I was in the Lv store the other day and I think that the mizi and the Manhattan are made very welll..all the others are like paper thin..mind you I still bought a few, but hey its a habit.
  3. That is such a cute story!!! I can see my DH saying exactly the same thing!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. :lol::lol: That happened to me with my husband, but worse. Since my name is Mitzi so he thought I was just saying my name wrong. :rolleyes:

    I wonder if someone has had a Klara expierence like that :lol:
  5. bagsnbags, that laughing smilie scares me! lol
  6. its weird. I have NEVER seen anyone cary the Mizi in person....Atleast not that i can remember.

    I have only seen it here on the forum and in the store.

    I bought one a while back and still have not carried it out.

    Alteast i know I'll be original whenever i finally use it :graucho:
  7. I've heard the same remark from my hubby :yes:,at least it sounded better than who's Tulum :lol: .
  8. I saw the fake one before at the mall, the shape is nothing like MIZI more like dizzi [​IMG].
    You should carry yours, it's like charity work to make LV lovers happy[​IMG]. I am sure some people out there will be forever grateful.
  9. Valley..what about this one??[​IMG] No tongue action LOL
  10. bagsnbags you are so funny!! Lucu ceritanya he he.. :lol:
    BTW I have mizi and I adore mine.:love:
  11. We should start a MIZI club!!!:lol:
  12. LMAO - he thought you were pronouncing your own name incorrectly!
  13. What a cute story! I too, love Mizi :love:
  14. Maklum lah suami lol

    I remember your Mizi and speedy cherry..they are awesome !! so jealous..[​IMG]
  15. so funny, cute story :P
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