Who is Melinda Beck ???

  1. Hi guys, Hoping that somebody can help and tell me a bit about the person above??

    My DH was lucky enough to go to the Mission Impossible 3 Premier as a VIP (lol) he`s not !!,anyhow as a Vip he was given a gift, which was a bag and matching purse made by Melinda Beck??
    Over here in the u.k I have not heard of her, who is she??
  2. No idea! Have you googled her yet?
  3. Somebody else did for me and they came up with a graphic

    artist?? nothing about bags?

    The thing is I want to put this bag on eBay but I`m not
    sure what to ask, if I start bidding at 99p and then find out that her stuff is hot
    I would be gutted!!