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  1. So After seeing the real life pics of the cotton club from the trunk show thread, who loves it and who does not?
  2. MEEE! Raises hand excitedly!! I already reserved the blue tote with my Nordstrom s/a.
  3. Oooooh do you have a pic?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Roey... You did not vote...
    Btw, what other colors do they come in?
  6. Vote tallied!
  7. Roey, did your SA know anything about the blue??
  8. :yes:Yay for me! Im loving it too!:love:
  9. Oh, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so loving it. I can't wait to see it IRL. I hope they have it in the trunk show at NM in SHM.
  10. so I don't have to go back and dig. . .
    what are we looking at price-wise?
  11. I asked this on another thread... is this the black? It looks so nice and shiny but it doesn't look black to me.

    I think this might be my bag.:heart: Finally! Even though it has silver HW, I think I may get it. I have my name on this one and two others. It depends on the shoulder strap length and how it looks in person.

    So far, I'm loving it.

    By the way, I asked this also on another thread and no one answered. Does this look a bit too much like the much copied and carried Cambon? I don't want to carry a bag that looks like the Cambon.
  12. Jayne, It certainly has similarities to the cambon--positioning and size of the CCs, diagonal bit on the bottom. Differences are the chain strap, the zipper and the texture of the leather. Sort of looks like a mix btwn the cambon and the square vintage ligne tote. It doesn't bother me but I bet a lot will compare to the cambon so if that will bother you, you may want to rethink.
    I don't know what the color is in the pic but it almost looks like a pewter?
    Sorry I am not much help!
  13. im not a tote fan
  14. It only comes in light silver, blue and black. It must be black?

    I'm kind of loving that vintage/distressed leather look.

    If my SA didn't point out the fact that it is a variation of the Cambon, I might not have noticed... I wish she hadn't told me! On the other hand, I have a feeling that many on this board will have informed me of the same thing. :p
  15. ^^It is already being called the new interpretation of the Cambon by the Chanel staff...