Who is looking for a LV white MC Speedy 30??

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  1. I have been despretley trying to post this in the Marketplace :wacko: forum. Im considering selling mine. If you are interrested. PM me. I'll send pics:biggrin: ;)
  2. I was just going to reply to this when my husband came home and presented me with a mono speedy 25!!! He found it in a consignment shop in Pasadena. I am still in shock. (and upon examination, looks pretty immaculate.) I am still grubby from work or I would take a picture with it but you all will just have to wait till I look like a girl again - perhaps this weekend??

    AND I would still like to see pictures of your speedy if you still have it...:shame:
  3. Hi!
    I am sending your pics now. Thanks!!
  4. Do you still have it? Can I see some pictures.:biggrin:
  5. Can you send me some pics too if the bag is still available?
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