Who is it that is looking for the Texas Wildlife scarf?

  1. There is one for sale on a Yahoo group I am a member of, in a green colorway.

    LMK if you would like the link/information. :smile:
  2. That's lizavet I think?
  3. guccigal?
  4. pm lizavet8
  5. It looks like they both are, but guccigal is looking for a darker colorway.

    I will most definitely pm lizavet. :smile:

  6. thanks for remembering. I like green too..just not the light green!
  7. I'm so sorry...it looks like more of a spearmint shade. Probably not what you are looking for.

    Ah, well...I tried! :smile:
  8. OH!!! - I am looking for the mint green version - Please PM me and let me know where I can find it!!!
  9. These ones in particular I would love!!: (photos courtesy of Precious Colors)
    Olive green.jpg turkey.SPEC.mint.ov.06.jpg
  10. Abby-I tried to PM you-it won't work, for some reason-but it's not me you need-it's ocmommy! Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
  11. i am looking more for a navy and the orangy colors....and I really love the fuschia....and the red colorways!