Who is in your passenger seat?

Sunshine mama

Jun 1, 2014
Always love when you show this bag!

Out of curiosity, is that holiday ribbon from a few years ago you used to wrap the handle? If so, I used the same ribbon to tie the bow around the bear in my avatar. :smile: I loved this ribbon and wish they would bring it back!
Thank you!:heart:
I don't quite remember when I got the ribbon, but I think you are right.
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Jun 2, 2013
This is one of THE best B colours I've ever seen!! And with your twilly and glasses case!! Enjoy the warm weather again :loveeyes:
Thanks so much bagsamplified, she is my favorite bag! I love it too when the fashion houses all “collude” on a certain general color way so that accessories from one go with another. This color goes with so many different colors, and color makes me happy :flowers: