Who is in your passenger seat?

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  1. Guarded by leopard ;)

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  2. Had to run to the doctor’s for my daughter’s 3 year check up. Grabbed my twist to accompany me IMG_4561.JPG
  3. Forget that Louis bag, tell me more about the Elmo bag please! All jokes aside, very cute. Hope the appointment went well.
  4. I have this bag too, bag twins :flowers:
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  5. Vanity pm
  6. Neo noe today :smile: for a trip to the hairdressers

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  7. My new MP in mono :love:
  8. The beautiful Elmo backpack was introduced in Spring 2019 as a limited edition piece. Only 100,000 were made. It came in 2 prints the one you see as well as blue Cookie Monster. It’s sold out everywhere now but you maybe able to find a gently used one on EBay but please have it authenticated.

    Totally kidding with the above.

    And thank you...the appointment went very well. Fortunately no shots at a 3 year checkup.
  9. Oh my! This was absolutely hilarious! I think you should audition for the voice of the Price Is Right lol. Glad to hear everything went well.
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  10. Me and my MPA on a quick errand

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  11. Exquisite picture. Beautiful bag.
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  12. Thank you so much!
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  13. Even your mpa is perfect! The stars align for you; that's the nicest one I’ve probably ever seen
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  14. Thank you! I’m forced to carry this one because my DE was stolen and I haven’t replaced it. I rarely carried the mono because I thought it looked so good and I kinda wanted to preserve it. I’m now stalking the de but I’m also thinking about buying another mono just as a back up. It’s my favorite print in this piece. The de was okay to me but I used it because it was carefree.

    I certainly hope yours works out. Try filling it to see if the ripples go away.
  15. I love it! :smile:
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