Who is in your passenger seat?

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  1. Capucines bb
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  2. Speedy LVxLOL
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  3. Thanks ! It’s more beautiful in real life
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  4. Jeune Fille MM from 1987 :love: D27A2750-3918-4F96-A9E9-115EDBEC1E8C.jpeg
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  5. Now, that’s quality!
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  6. I know :blush:
  7. Wow it’s in great shape and look at the perfect alignment!
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  8. Can tell “shes” an Old lady, with her small cracks and wrinkels; but I love the style of the older bags :love:
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  9. Simply gorgeous! I’m so jel of all your beautiful bags. You have an amazing bag collection!
  10. Stunningly gorgeous...
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  11. I love everything about this picture! Where did you buy the fur ball keychain?
  12. Alma bb mono denim
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  13. Trunk clutch
  14. B17AF097-D479-456E-A53B-D93127EF146E.jpeg