Who is in your passenger seat?

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  1. I’ve always loved the de pattern. Your bag is so shiny and looks new.
  2. IMG_0898.jpg Out and about with this beauty today!
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  4. Such a classy color!
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  5. Me holding my Alma BB going through the car wash.

    Attached Files:

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  6. City Malle
    09082019 City Malle MM in car.jpg 09082019 City Malle MM in car-2.jpg
  7. Alma Studs
    09082019 Alma Studs in car.jpg
  8. City Steamer Mini
    09082019 City Steamer Mini in car.jpg
    City Steamer V ,MM size
    09082019 City Steamer V in car.jpg
  9. Cluny BB
    09082019 Cluny BB in car.jpg
  10. Deuaville
    09082019 Deuaville in car.jpg
  11. Went out for a quick errand. Just Emilie, my phone and keys.. I never thought I'd own an Emilie again (and in the Mono print. I had it in DE) but I can't resist my friend's offer. This was hers. We bought it together in the boutique way back 2014. She's immigrating to the US (today is her flight actually) and she prefer to use her small bifold Burberry wallet there. This is a great remembrance of our friendship and our LV adventures. I'll surely miss her and our trips to the boutique together. IMG_20190810_110308.jpg
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  15. B3259248-2DDE-4577-9EFA-FB44C72789E2.jpeg 4865C757-2619-4E05-B8F1-AC0BAB885F30.jpeg My DE speedy 25 from 2014. I love this size!
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