Who is in your passenger seat?

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  1. A little bit of rain about today ️ first time out with my New Saintonge IMG_2164.JPG
  2. Looks super cute! It appears that the mouse charm is sold on its own.. May I ask where you bought the chain for it?
  3. Love this color combination, is it MM or PM size??
  4. Thanks!! The chain came with it, I don't currently see it on the Coach website though. If you call CS they might be able to locate one for you. I'm not sure of the current price, I ordered during the semi annual sale. Here is the info from my order:
    • PRICE: $42.50
    • STYLE NO: 39969
    • COLOR: B4/B4
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  5. My Montaigne MM.
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  6. Thank you :smile:
  7. IMG_8131.jpg
  8. So I was able to locate the charm but now can't decide between a mouse and owl! Lol.. have you seen both in person?

  9. I haven't seen the owl irl, my local boutique is ridiculously tiny and they never get fun stuff. It looks adorable in pics though!!
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  10. This beauty today.
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  11. It's rare that I'm in the passenger seat but today I got to enjoy it while taking my alma bb out for the first time. 20190208_113518~2.jpg
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  12. This strap with that bag gorgeous!
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  13. Wish I had a passenger seat #nycproblems
  14. Seeing daylight for the first time this afternoon, my Babylone Chain BB...
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  15. 57D4E633-FE7B-4687-B503-669E5D4BB924.jpeg Keeping me company running errands in rainy San Diego.