Who is in the Mid West ice storm???

  1. So I am sitting in my room.. attempting to clean it, and listening to ice pound on my window. Anyone else experiencing yet another awful winter storm??

    My hope is that we do not loose power... FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

    Love stayin' in on a Saturday night! :s
  2. No ice storm here, but a severe snowstorm is making it's way across my area. We're expecting 16 inches.
  3. No ice storms here, just a lot of snow.
    Hope your power doesn't go out Megs.
  4. We are moving from AZ to Colorado next weekend and I am freaking out! I heard they had road closures the last few days, and we have a huge U-Haul and on a time limit...hubby has to be back at work...Hoping we make it safe!
  5. Ice/snow storm going on here in Minneapolis:beach:
    I live in the Southern portion of the Twin Cities and have spent the last 24 hours home and on my computer and watching the tube. Be careful out on the roads, they are messy.:blah:
  6. UGH......We ALL need to be on a carribean island.......LOL!
    I DESPISE ice,snow and cold weather!!!!
    Supposed to get a storm tomorrow..bleck!
  7. This is why I am a Florida gal.. can't wait to move back soon!!!!!
  8. All we got here was a dusting of snow. At least up on the mountain there is more. All the really good snow storms seem to be going around us. Boo!
  9. Pippi... you had bad mountain snow! That is right!! :yucky:
  10. It's pretty bad here in Chicago. I was out this evening around 6 and got pelted in the face with little ice crystals. Ice plus wind equals pain.
  11. Yeah, Megs, Arnie broke his leg here around Christmas, too. (Where did you two stay while you were here?)
  12. Megs, let me preface this by saying yes, there is a spare bedroom here..
    It was 68 and sunny here today. We rode our bikes to the beach.

  13. We had some hail this morning in Nebraska. Also it has rained on and off. Sure has been windy all day. They say we are suppose to get snow, but I doubt it will hit here. Who knows, maybe I'll wake up to some snow.
  14. We are supposed to get something awful at about 4am here in metro Detroit.
  15. The Sun Valley Resort- just a great place!!!! I guess I just wanted to be more like Arnie :shrugs: :sweatdrop: